Friday 7 June 2013

Summer Sharing Week

Crafting a Daydream

On Sunday, Hubby B is jetting off to Japan for the first of a few globe trotting trips in the next couple of months. For the ten days he will be away, I'll be UK trotting (much more glamorous) and visiting friends and family.

In my efforts to keep this weeks summer sun shining (regardless of what the weather might do) and in an attempt to continue to give you some reading over here on Crafting a Daydream, I'm hosting Summer Sharing. A collaboration from bloggers all over about about their summer antics. Hopefully you will be entertained, inspired, will get to know some other bloggers if you don't know them already and most importantly you will continue in the summer spirit.

Lets share summer!

Mrs Crafty B


  1. What a lively, lovely blog you have! Some really great ideas too - I will definitely be making a light box doohickey.

    So I 'd love to be part of your Summer Sharing hop. It's winter where I am but I can soak up the sunshine from the other blogs!

  2. Hi Nelly, I hope you enjoyed Summer Sharing Week and it brightened up your winter days wherever you are in the world :-)