Monday 10 June 2013

Summer Excitement and Garden Play

Welcome to Summer Sharing! This week is all about summer and sharing tokens of our summer spirit to get us in the mood after the questionable 'spring' we have had here in the UK and keep us hopeful that last weeks weather is here to stay. 

I'm going to kick off the week by telling you all what we got up to once the sunshine started properly. Despite having had a few nice days here and there and despite playing in the garden in all weather in our house, last week brought a different mood. Baby B is often first out and a bit more outside time recently with the beautiful flowers in bloom saw him out at the start of the week in his wellies and PJ's very early to pick the flowers and search for bees. Both currently words used a lot by Baby B. 
I ventured outside with my cup of tea too. This is unheard of at 8.15am on a Sunday Normally I'm watching with encouragement from the conservatory. Here is Baby B giving Mummy a daisy <3 
The same Sunday saw Hubby B disappear to a friends very large and very beautiful cottage garden for a few hours. He returned home with lots of bulbs and perennials for our work in progress (OK Hubby B's work in progress) and this rhubarb for me. There was so much that not only have I made a weeks worth of cookies and muffins for people that I am visiting this week, (I will share recipes later on the blog) I have a stash in the freezer to make something else. 
On Monday I set up the garden with some play equipment and the boys got straight outside. Normally our outdoor play is centred around an activity but the glorious weather meant just playing outside in the sunshine with their toys was enough. Baby B loves water; swimming, bath time, watering the garden etc, so it's no surprise that after 20mins of unsuccessfully trying to throw water over me and the others, he was not deterred by the fact that only he was soaking wet. It's OK though, the sunshine got to work and dried him right back off again!
That afternoon, the boys helped me make some tortilla pizzas and we took those with some other bits and bobs and had a picnic tea. Much more laid back and no mess for me! They even enjoyed some of those crispie cakes for pudding with some strawberries!
This is how Baby B wore his sun hat pretty much all of last week. I thought it was because it was far too small but once I found a bigger one, he still wore it the same way! Can you say 'trend setter.'
For the rest of the week I worked but work was taken outside where I set up the toys and let the boys go wild! The good weather made such a difference to our week and planned activities were not required as much because there was just not enough time to play with all their toys and explore the flowers as it was. It's not only adults, you can definitely sense a change in the little ones with warmer, sunnier weather! 
We even put water in the pool with the balls for a paddle!
Little cat got into the spirit too, posing for a sunny picture!
These are just a few snippets of the change in routine and mood that the sunshine brought to our house as we make the best of things at our disposal. I hope it's got you thinking about what changes summer brings about for you and that you feel free to share them here in the comments box.

Please come back each day this week as some other bloggers are sharing their summer with you too whilst I travel about the UK.

I hope you enjoy!

Mrs Crafty B
Crafting a Daydream

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