Monday 13 May 2013

Crocheted Jute Basket

You may remember a couple of weekends ago, I posted a picture of some jute twine I purchased.
This was purposely sourced because I wanted to have a go at crocheting a basket. I love the idea of creating a basket for odds and ends in any colour I wanted, in any size, for any space I chose.
I wanted one that would fit a box shelf on my Ikea unit. The basket is approximately 24cm in diameter.
Once I had crocheted the basket I soaked it in some water, placed something sturdy inside the base and allowed it to dry to the shape. This means that although the sides are still flexible, the base lays completely flat. I didn't fancy starching it. I like softness of the sides. It stand up on its own holding it's shape, but the sides will give slightly if you put lots in. Perfect!
Although I have a craft bag with current projects, I thought it would be nice to use this basket with one ongoing 'TV project' so here it is with the crochet essentials, including some chocolate ;-)
I even have a little twine left over so I may make a little pen pot with it. I will probably need to put a jar or something inside it, but as a crafty hoarder, I'm certain I have one of those somewhere.

Could you do with a personalised crocheted basket? Do you have a space that could do with a vessel to hide all of those 'little bits?' ;-)
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  1. This is lovely, did you use a pattern, or somehow make it up? Did it take long? I really want to crochet, and did take a day class but can't remember any of it sadly. I have a load of patterns saved on a Pinterest board... maybe one day I will master it! Becky x #makinghome

    1. I do intend to publish some tutorials that I started writing long ago! I actually made this up as I went along and it was super simple! It took a couple of evenings in front on the TV x