Thursday 2 May 2013

Crocheted Plant Pots Covers

Having spent a bit of time in the garden recently and enjoying the fruits of Hubby B's labour, I thought I'd share a bit of a spring time make with you.

Last year, I made a green plant pot 'cozy' or 'cover' to put around the orange plant pot in the picture below. As I had organised a craft fair in September I wanted some quick easy makes for my stall. I made a few more pot covers to fit either 3" plant pots or plastic drinking cups. I had a few cups left over from Baby B's Birthday party and decided they could be recyled as plant pots if I dressed them up with these. Here are a few that I made on the 3" plant pots.
I went for a nautical style with the far one. This was made with a smaller hook and the stitches are quite tight. The top goes right over the edge of the pot so none of it can be seen. The second in from the right stops just below the top of the pot and has a slightly more 'spacy' style. The second from left also goes right over the top of the pot and you can clearly see the pot colour through it. Unlike the green band style cover, the other three go all the way around the pot. The downside being that you wouldn't want to use a pot with holes in it in case it gets wet. But they are fully washable so if they get a bit dirty, its ok.

I am definitely going to make some more of these either to sell at fairs or just to pretty up the house and garden. I'm sure Hubby B will be ever so pleased. I might even jazz them up with some crochet flowers :-). They would also make a great starter project for new crocheters!

Mrs Crafty B

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