Wednesday 15 May 2013

New Project: Crochet Wave Pattern Blanket

Last week, I posted a picture of a set of bright coloured espresso cups.
I felt that this set of colours really worked together so I raided my yarn stash to find some similar colours and wondered what else I could make to add that splash of colour elsewhere.

As I have baby number 2 on the way and intended to crochet another blanket, I thought this was the perfect opportunity to try out the wave or ripple pattern I keep seeing around and about and I set to work searching the net and figuring out the pattern that I would use. I then worked a little test piece. Here it is.
I then decided on the order of colours I would use and set to work on my foundation row. As this is worked in rows, it's quite nerve wracking in terms of counting correctly. I used near to 200 chain stitches for my foundation row and working back along it, as I neared the end, I hoped that I had indeed counted correctly and I wasn't short a stitch or would end up with an extra few! Such a perfectionist. Needless to say I was overjoyed to discover I had the right amount of stitches and I set to work on my second row. I had some alone time over the weekend so I manged to get started on my third and fourth row. I'm soon to start the 5th with a third colour and so far I'm happy with the result.
I will keep you posted on this project and if it works out nicely I will upload the pattern for you all to make your own wave crochet blanket.

Happy Crocheting

Mrs Crafty B

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