Sunday 3 November 2013

Cambourne Craft Fair

I've just dismissed a cuppa in favour of a lemsip. This means that I have caught a germ. A cold germ. A yucky horrible cold germ and tomorrow I have a busy day planned. A massive thumbs down to that! For now, I'm hoping that the littlest B is going to give me a few minutes to update my blog!

These days I feel as if every time I come to blogging, I have a million and one things I want to tell you all but for tonight, I'm just going to focus on my day yesterday at the Cambourne Craft Fair. I was particularly excited about this one. Not only because I will soon be organising the fair myself as the current organiser is stopping, not only because I have fab new business cards and not only because I got to talk about my new Crafty B's venture to everyone who came by (info on all of this to follow!) but because in addition to all of thee above I got to be a bit more creative with my stall and show off a few things I have been experimenting with.

I have held a few stalls in the past and they have been very poor on the presentation side but I got a bit more creative this time using props and a colour scheme and although it looked better set out on my dining table and I still want to get a bit more clever and creative with it, I was quite pleased. Here's a picture
My main focus on the day was to speak to as many people as possible about my new Crafty B's venture, setting up community craft groups to tackle social isolation, so in that aspect I was very successful. I was even asked by a member of a local WI group, if I would like to go and speak at one of their meetings next year. I can't wait! I sold a few bits off of the stall and took some commissions so I've got some more craftiness to get up to. I displayed magnets, Christmas decorations, embellishments, hair clips, chalkboard jars, hangies & coasters, tile coasters and of course the new Crafty B's Lucky Dip Craft Kits. Here are some pictures of just a few of the things I made for the stall.
Hubby and both Baby B's were very supportive, helpful and well behaved (I'll let you decide who was which of those!) and all in all I had a fab day provoking lots more creative ideas and a new motivation to move along this new venture. 

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend. I'll be posting again very soon as I not only have lots to tell you but Meet the Maker is returning with some fab new handmade items! 

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