Tuesday 12 November 2013

Meet the Maker: Leanne of Candles by Leanne

Meet the Maker is back! First up, Leanne, who is looking to bring a little light into your life with beautiful and unique handmade candles.
As ever, two very important questions. 

Tea or coffee?
Tea, 2 sweeteners and white :)

Biscuit or cake?
Cake. My favourite is red velvet 

So, tell us a bit about yourself.
Hi, I am Leanne and I am based in Torpoint Cornwall. I am a naval wife and a stay at home mum to Keira 6 years old and Bailey 16months. I own Candles By Leanne, candles for all occasions. You can find me on Tumblr candlesbyleanne.tumblr.com and Facebook www.facebook.com/candlesbyleanne. When I am not making, I love running and reading

Can you tell us a bit about the item that you are sharing with us?
I have made a personalised family tree candle. The candle can be made in various colours and scents and is a perfect gift for any occasion.

How long have you been candle making and how did you learn?
I started over a year ago as a hobby to take my mind off things due to my baby being born with a heart condition and needing open heart surgery. I taught myself with kits and books.

And when did you start Candles By Leanne?
Candles By Leanne was started in September 2012 after I showed my creations to family and friends and my hobby quickly grew into a business.

What inspires and motivates you?
The latest fashions and seasons motivate and inspire me

Any crafting heroes?
Kirstie Allsopp

Do you have a crafting space?
I have taken up half of the kitchen to make candles and have a corner in the dining room for my home office to design and decorate candles

Any future plans for Candle by Leanne?
I am looking at opening a shop in my local town in 2014.

So can we join you in your virtual world?

Finally, some quick fire questions.

Favourite colour? 

The best season?

Your favourite food? 

The best day of the week?

What is the best word?
Wine :)

Favourite place?

Your biggest achievement?
Starting my own business

Thanks Leanne! It was great to get to know a bit more about the maker of this lovely candle. This would make lovely Christmas gifts, wouldn't you agree folks?

Mrs Crafty B

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