Wednesday 5 March 2014

I've been nominated for 'Best Craft Blog' in the MAD Blog Awards!

I don't often say this but OMG! I have somehow been nominated for 'Best Craft Blog' in The MADS 2014.

All I can think about is whether or not it's the kind of award where if I won, I would get to wave my hand in front of my eyes to stop the welling tears from ruining my make up...*mind wonders* ....ok I'll focus now. What I DO know is that one of the prizes for the winner is £100 worth of craft equipment. I might not have a hope in heck of winning but if I DID, this would be a fab contribution to the Crafty B's Community Crafts Project.

So lets make a deal. I promise to start uploading all of the tutorials from the projects that I have done with the Crafty B's and the ones I have planned for coming workshops and groups and I promise to keep sharing my crafty journey/procrastination and in return perhaps you could head over and offer your support for Crafty B's by way of a nomination in the 'Best Craft Blog' category. (Shameless bribery!) I really hope you have seen something over here on Crafting a Daydream that you have enjoyed and I look forward to continuing and developing. (Emotional blackmail).

Thank you SO much in advance if you feel that you can offer your nomination and here's the link. Nominations close March 14th so quick quick quick.

MAD Blog Awards
Mrs Crafty B

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