Monday 10 March 2014

The Small Things

I love Mondays. There I said it. It marks the start of a new week, a fresh start, a chance to start putting into action all of the plans you have whether they be organisation, projects, fun trips, productive activities or the countdown to the next weekend. Well let's face it, Sunday's over so what is the next thing to look forward to?

That said, the fun of the 'family weekend' does kind of linger in the air reminding me that 1/4 of us isn't here and just like everyone else I need a little reminder of something happy to keep my mood bright. Especially on Monday.

Fortunately, today is not a day I need to remember the 'happy.' I especially love this Monday. Today marks the 28th anniversary of my birth! For me, my birthday means thinking about everything I have achieved in the last year and all the things I'm going do in the next one. It also means treating myself to things that I WANT rather than need. Hubby B is staying home today so the weekend is extended and the air is filled with joy from a weekend of sunshine, afternoon teas, family, browsing Cambridge and BBQ's. Yes BBQ's!! Ten years ago today it was snowing and yesterday we had a BBQ. How fab.

Here's a few pictures that you might enjoy, to make you smile and remember YOUR bits of happy from the last week and think about what is to come!

Mrs Crafty B

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