Wednesday 24 June 2015

National Upcycling Day 24th June 2015 #UpcycleRevolution Upcycled WallArt

Today is National Upcycling Day as campaigned for by Gumtree along with a group of the UK's top upcycling and lifestyle bloggers. As you know, I am a big fan of upcyling so I thought I would contribute and point you all in the direction of the #UpcycleRevolution

Scrapstores are amazing places to find material for crafting and upcyling projects. With a bit of creativity and barely a dent in your money tin, you can create something individual to you; like this wall art!

I made this with a few great finds at my local scrapstore and recycling centre. Heres how:

Firstly I had to source materials. In all honestly it was the materials that inspired me rather than the other way around. After finding the frames, I spotted the mounting board and after finding the rolls of wallpaper I knew I just had to throw them all together!

I cut a piece of mounting board to size and made sure it fitted it into the frame.
My die cutting machine came in handy here as I used it to cut out some butterfly shapes. You can use any sort of shape punch or even cut out your own shapes and they cut be anything you like! Hearts? Spirals?

I used the small pieces from the punch to outline my shape which was a heart. I faintly drew it in pencil first as a guide.
Once the outline was glued into place like this, I just filled it in, overlapping the butterflies and building up layers. The bottom layer was comply stuck down and the rest varied from sticking down just one wing or just the 'spines' to give lots of texture. I stuck some of the best looking butterflies on the top. I attached the piece of mount board into the frame using a glue gun.
I love my piece of wall art. Not only have I made it with my own hands, it's sure to be one of a kind and the materials were a fraction of the cost of buying a bulk made item from a retail store.
What do you think? Will have a go at this one? What sort of materials have you used in upcycling projects? Be sure to come and find me on the social media platforms below and tell me about your projects. Don't forget to check out the #UpcycleRevolution natterings!
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  1. This is an absolutely beautiful piece of art, I wish I was this crafty! x

    1. Why don't you give one a go? It was really easy. Simple but effective x

  2. This looks amazing, I wish I was better at art! I'm pretty useless and it never comes out looking nice.

    1. Thanks! I'm rubbish artistically but I figured I could stick shapes on card. I'm sure it would look great if you gave it a go! You could get some wallpaper samples!! ;-)