Sunday 21 June 2015

Top Ten Things That Mrs Crafty B is Buzzin' About in June

I have been keeping note of some of the fabulous things that I've seen, heard or experienced so that can share them with you Crafty Bs. Here are the top ten things that I am loving this month...

  1. Hillarys craft competition - Over the last few weeks, bloggers around the county (myself included) have been getting creative with a 1m x 1m piece of fabric from Hillarys Blinds and Curtains. The challenge was to create something unique; providing a tutorial showing others how to do the same. Hillarys will be announcing their ten finalist soon; eventually picking a winner who will receive £1.000! Did I mention that I took part?! I decided to make a lampshade and matching coasters. You can see my post here and pin it here and of course you will find all the relevant buttons to share with your friends ;-) 

  2. Fathers Day crafting - I have seen some pretty amazing handmade stuff going on all over the place; but I like simple and effective. I just LOVE these fabric tie cards by Mollie over at Wild Olive. Not just for Fathers Day; I shall be filling up my card box with them! 
  3. Credited to

  4. Lemon and peppercorn body scrub bars - I have had handmade soap on my lost for a long time so I saved this post over at Burkatron as soon as I spotted it. As an exfoliant addict, these lemon and peppercorn body scrub bars look totally refreshing and perfect for summer skin! 

  5. Our freshly laid (AGAIN) garden - After moving in to our new build property in October, we noticed that the back garden was a bit, well, wet. I mean to say that we could probably have had goldfish swimming on our lawn! Long story short, the garden is now sorted, the turf relaid and safe to walk on and this week the Little Bs and I were finally able to enjoy the garden and every given opportunity. They love it. 

  6. Plush Addict - Have you discovered this site yet? The perfect place to grab some beautiful fabrics and earn yourself some loyalty points! ( I LOVE that). I have some great Frozen fabric to work with (Littlest B gets way too excited when he sees it) and I have a great sewing project coming soon on the blog for an art tote! 

  7. DIY magnetic ironing mat - Whilst trying to fit in sewing projects around home keeping, work and being Mummy, I have had the ironing board up in the utility room so it is ready to go when I need it. To say that it is in the way is an understatement. I spied this great tutorial for a magnetic ironing mat. I would have to adjust it a little bit as I have sideboards but the concept is great and it could be a permanent fixture. 

  8. Homegrown strawberries - Hubby B has been growing strawberries is the garden with the Little Bs and we picked the first ones this week. The were amazing and we are really lucky to have a whole load more on the way with our own little strawberry farm. Hubby B was very clever is planting early, mid and late season plants so we're hoping to have a good amount over new few months! 

  9. Brick 2015 - I was informed by a friend this month about Brick 2015. Lego is totally taking over our house at the mo and we are hoping to go along in October! Watch this space. 
  10. Experimenting in the kitchen - This month I have got a feel for baking and cooking again after a really busy spell. Not only did I make a batch of wedding cupcakes for my friend, I had a go at making a spinach and chorizo paella, a chocolate tart and a courgette, bacon and blue cheese tart. Yum in our tums! 

  11. Garage storage - We now have some storage shelves in the garage! Not much else to say about that. I am just excited…now to tidy up the craft boxes and bit more ;-)
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