Thursday 16 July 2015

This Summer Mrs Crafty B Will...

The lovely Leanne over at A Slice of My Life Wales has tagged me in a Summer 'to do list' so with routines getting changed up a bit and lots going on, I have decided to have a little think about the things I would love to make sure I do this summer.

This Summer I will:

- Spend more time with Baby B one on one. He doesn't get much time with Mummy on his own in the same way his little brother does whilst he is at school.

- Enjoy more picnics. Baby B loves a good 'picwic' and Littlest B is yet to form a love for our picnic blanket. In the park, in the garden, on a day out or in the front room. Wherever we want to.

- Learn to make good ice lollies. I haven't mastered the art of great tasting ice lollies yet and my boys and I love an 'icy' so I am pinning away for inspiration. 

- Read a book. I haven't read an actual book in ages. I tried last summer and managed 3 or 4 chapters.

- Get more organised at home. Actually finish the clearing out that started before we moved, de-clutter, start putting up shelving and organisation systems maybe start decorating. 

- Have adventures and create memories with my Little Bs no matter how big or small. 

My list isn't huge but these are the things that are important to me this Summer. Now I have written them down I can keep coming back to make sure I haven't lost my way in chores and 'busy'.

I now tag Laura of Inside Lauras Head, Peach Jones, Steffany of Oh So Steffany and Alex-Marie of Fuzzy Little Balrog to make their summer list and enjoy making memories.
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