Wednesday 22 July 2015

Top Tips For Keeping Your Little Ones Entertained Over the Summer Holiday

The summer holidays have started and I've decided that I need to have back up entertainment plans for when the TV time has been exhausted and the Little Bs are (ahem…I am) bored of playing cars and football aka kicking the ball in random directions. We tend to do quite well in filling our days with random window shopping trips and lunch in Ikea (the boys love the showrooms), trips to the park, garden antics, crafty stuff and 'picwics' but sometimes we need a little inspiration to think outside of the box. Rather than save 1000 links to unachievable ideas or spend lots of money on big day trips, I decided to ask fellow blogger their top tips for keeping little ones entertained over the summer. Then I thought I would share them with you lovely lot! So here goes…

If you love the outdoors, Clare Nicholas of Emmy's Mummy suggests a new take on the traditional 'bring your bear along' teddy bear's picnic.

"An all time favourite. I think you will agree! Make your own Teddy bear hunt in the woods. Take a few teddies along and take turns hiding them, then go seek them. They can then join you for a teddy bears picnic."

Hannah Ingham of A Yorkshire Traveller  suggests trying geocaching!

"It's free membership and involves the outdoors and treasure hunting! All you need is a GPS or smartphone and it will keep the children (and you) entertained and wanting to explore outside rather than being stuck on electronic devices. What's not to like?!"

Local authorities will have a range of activities to get involved in a most will be free so check out your LA's website or contact them for details. Emma from The Mini Mes and Me says:

"Local libraries and leisure centres often have free activities like sports, crafts and circus skills for kids. There is also the summer reading challenge to take part in where you collect stickers and get a certificate at the end."

Emma of Fashion Mommy who is based in Staffordshire adds;

"If you're in Staffordshire, check out your local sussed schemes that offer a range of activities, from sports to arts and craft."

For ideas closer to home Alex-Marie Wood of Fuzzy Little Balrog suggests;

"A little baking or craft session followed by a picnic in the park."

When asked how she keeps her young ones entertained, Adele of Nest and Dressed said;

"Does hiding in a cupboard count? We discovered an awesome game the other day called 'Lets put mummy to bed' involving me getting tucked in & getting stories read to me. Will definitely be playing that one again! Otherwise we make pizzas, the dough is messy but fun. Lay out some wall paper in the garden and let her loose with paints. Walk on the beach/in the forest. And in an emergency, go to soft play! If you have one near by how about a pick-your-own farm? Loved that as a kid."

Alice from Project Wanderlust offers up plans for more than one weather occasion which is always useful.

"If its raining we put on a family talent show - each of us have to do an act and then we score out of ten (whoever has most points gets to choose what we have for dinner or dessert) - if the sun is shining then its all about treasure hunts in the garden. We put out clues for the children to follow with tasks for them to complete - can make it last for hours!"

Row of What Row Chose told us,

"When I'm babysitting for the day I always make time for baking, usually cupcakes. If you get the kids to measure out things it takes that little bit longer, filling more of your day! Then there's cooking time, icing time, decorating time; endless fun!"

Emily-Rose adds:

"A couple of things I've found to work are drawing outside with chalks, picnics in the park and letting the help make the sandwiches and stuff and when using water balloons keep them in a bucket of water so as to stop friction. Just anything with mess as well like finger painting, paper mâché and it can all be done outside!"

If you are entertaining or have play dates (or even if you are not!) a brilliant idea from Sophie of Sophies Voice is on my list for sure.

"Ice cream party! Different coloured ice creams, clear plastic beakers, gazillions of different types of sprinkles and the same amount of syrups / sauces. They choose 2 ice creams then decorate how they like. It takes forever and they have such a lot of fun. I had fun too." 

Also right up my street is this suggestion from Emily of Twin Mummy and Daddy 

"Keep a box of crafts. Nothing too expensive, empty toilet rolls, bits of cardboard, coloured paper, tissue paper etc. It's a great, cheap way to keep kids entertained indoors or out in the garden."

Challenging our own imaginations can 
only be a good thing right? Mel from The Story of My Days suggests;

"Even if it's only for one day or one afternoon, let them choose. Go to the beach or the park or McDonalds! Let them jump in muddy puddles or collect insects in the garden! If they choose something impossible like visiting Disney, make it happen in your living room! You could draw it or imagine it. The one thing a child rarely gets is to decide so let them!"

My favourite tip (and something I always PLAN to do) is from Becky of Mint Custard; bringing all of the above together, documenting memories to look back on and providing entertainment in itself.

"Make a scrapbook of things done. Stick in drawings, postcards of places visited, photos of cakes baked, press a few flowers picked on walks. Learn to skip. Go on a scavenger hunt. Lots to do."

Which is your favourite idea here? I would absolutely love to hear how you keep your little ones entertained over the summer. Share in the comments below, tweet @@MrsCraftyB or pop on over to join the Crafty B's on Facebook. 

Thanks to all of the lovely bloggers above for contributing!

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  1. Great ideas, I especially like "Let's put mummy to bed" I'm definitely going to give that a go! #MakingHome

  2. My daughter has signed up for the Summer Reading Challenge, it's Roald Dahl themed this year. I have always wanted to try geocaching...might give it a go. And "Let's Put Mummy to Bed" sounds like a genius idea - I'm trying that one tomorrow! #makinghome