Friday 11 March 2016

Making Home Link Up #22: Pirate Themed Party Snack Treasure Chest

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Just a quick update from me this week. As those of you who follow me on social media will know, this week I celebrated a 'big' birthday and so I have been a bit unprepared with all the celebrations going on ;-) I did however do a bit of shopping this week again! We made an impulse buy of a lovely mirror and a photo frame for our utility/downstairs toilet as well as some paint samples and a roll of wallpaper. On a whim! So not something I would normally do. The picture frame is for some photos that Hubby B took on our holidays and this particular space is going to be nautical themed. I will post some pictures of all of our goodies very soon and I am so excited to get this project underway.

Hoping you will join in with #MakingHome this week. With it being the week of my birthday I would love to see a few posts on handmade gifts, maybe cake recipes or party themes. All other posts welcome too of course! Here's a contribution from me; a treasure chest made from a loaf of bread for a pirate themed birthday party! 


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  1. Hey Annie and a very HAPPY belated BIG Birthday!! I bet it's not as big as the one I'll soon be celebrating! Although thankfully, a couple more Birthdays away yet, it's still approaching far more rapidly than I would like! This week, I've linked one of my most popular posts in the real world - if I had a pound for the number of people who arrived at my door saying "I need one of those!", I'd be rich. Perhaps I should start selling them! The sign definitely works. Since it went up last autumn, I've had just 1 cold caller. Whoop! Happy Sunday x

    1. I love it. Literally. I used to have a hand written sign but I am defiantly in need of one of these now. I get far too many unwanted callers and often very late at night! Thanks for the birthday wishes :-)

  2. Many thanks for hosting 'Making Home' again. A very Happy Birthday to you too. I was born in 1976, so this year I'm celebrating a big birthday too. Quite looking forward to my 40s :)

    1. oooo I love a good birthday. I can't wait to see what the next ten years brings my way (or what I do with it). I definitely didn't freak out like some of my friends haha. Thanks for the birthday wishes!

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