Monday 20 June 2016

Meet The Maker: Lea of Cosmic Crochet

What is not to love about this handmade 'Pug Rug?' I couldn't wait to show you this one. Today we meet Lea of Cosmic Crochet by Lea who is the creator of this totally cool handmade item!
Crocheted Pug Rug

Hi Lea. Great to have you. What is normally your favourite way to catch up with a friend? 
I'm from South Yorkshire originally and moved to Eastbourne 7 years ago. Most of my friends remain in the North so Facebook is a huge help here. I do have a very close friend nearby though; my Mum in Law. Unusual I know. Due to a few health issues I don't get out much so a lot of my time is spent creating and talking my Mum in Laws left ear off! Im a chatterbox I'm afraid. We also like to frequent our local craft stores and enjoy finding a good bargain buy (of course!).

Well I am always up for a bit of crafting and nattering. Two of my favourite things! Tell us a little bit more about yourself:
Well I'm a Yorkshire lass for starters and don't do a bad Yorkshire pudding if I do say so myself ha ha! I am most definitley a cat person being driven slowly nuts by my 3 little fluff monsters. My cats are very like me, independent & scatty. I also love music having played various instruments from a young age and I'm a very keen amateur astronomer.

Wow, a mixed bag of hobbies and interests then. Tell us about the handmade item you are sharing with us:
The Pugfect Pug Rug (pattern by, licensed to sell end product made). I've had a social media and online presence for Cosmic now for sometime. My sister in law made me aware of a post on a 'selling group' on very well known site; a local lady asking if anyone could help in making a crochet item. It seems the lady had ordered from overseas and unfortunately the order couldnt be completed so she was in a bit of a fix by now. It was to be a gift for her pug rug mad partner for their first home together. I just had to help and I'm so pleased I did. Not only did his cheeky face make me grin during the entire time spent making him...but I got to help mark the first steps of a brand new life for a lovely couple. I'm all for a happy Cinderella ending and now they have a lovely little Pug puppy called, Batman. He's so cute.

I wonder if he sleeps on the Pug Rug! Baby B would LOVE a little dog called Batman. How long have you been crocheting and how did you learn? 
I grew up in an old mining community just south of Doncaster. Make do and mend was an often heard saying from my maternal Nannan & Gran. My mum began to teach me at around 3 or 4 after having crocheted for as long as I can remember; until sadly in 2001 she was affected by a terrible auto immune disease that basically stripped her of her mobility and independence. Now alas she cant hook. I'm trying to think of an invention to crochet one handed now to help her to do it again. My Mum learnt the craft from her Dad, a miner by trade. My mum has told stories of him making fine cotton baby dresses and selling them to neighbours. I love this. I never met him as he passed hard at work in the mine a few years before I was born. My Nannan was a huge influence also. A life long knitter, I would watch her for hours and picked up so much yarn knowledge along the way. My knitting skills still lack! I'm definitely a 'hooker' and with all this past influence, I want to try and carry on what my family taught me and help the craft live on into a newer generation.

Such a lovely story of a skill being passed through generations. What inspires and motivates you?
All of the above really. It would be lovely to leave something of my family behind for others to enjoy.

Where do you like to craft?
Usually in my seat on the recliner sofa for cat fur free projects. I have a dedicated corner of the dining room in which all my supplies and 5 tubs of yarn plus lots of yarn bags live. I'm no different to any other yarn addict; can never have enough.

I guess crochet is your favourite craft?
Yes but I do love sewing too. My aunt was a seamstress in the 80's and taught me the basics on a machine so I hoard fabric too :-)

Oh gosh me too! I hoard everything! Any crafting tips for the Crafty Bs?
I love a bargain! I never want to pay full price. I imagine it's the Yorky in me. So when hunting for supplies keep an eye on clearance sections. Most of the major craft & yarn suppliers have a clearance section online and you can grab some amazing yarns this way that otherwise you may never get to use! Be patient and check weekly.

Where can we find you online?
Oh there's so many these days. I'm opening new ones as we speak. So far we are on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Google+ & Flipboard (underated by many but brilliant for craft related stuff!). I also came across a newer social media app based platform recently called Crafty Amino. Imagine Facebook for Crafters, might be worth a look for some. My username across the board is CosmicCrochetUK.

I am sure the Crafty Bs will come and say hi! What big plans do you have for the next 12 months?
To grow my blog and hopefully get some of my own patterns out there for others to try.

We look forward to it. Here are a few quick fire questions for the fun factor ;-):

Your favourite crafty tool?
Crochet Hook

Your crafting hero?
My Mum & Nannan

You're working on a project, what is on in the background?
Something netflix sciency. Time travel shows like Continuum; I adore Once Upon a Time.

Favourite dessert?
Chocolate in any form!

Crafting refreshments?
I have a huge coffee cup flask type of thing with a lid thats almost always refilled as its emptied. Choc Buttons (carefully and during breaks choccy and yarn doesnt mix well!). Also my coffee cup isn't so stable. It does fall over, too much!

Your favourite handmade item?
For my birthday a few years ago my mum sent me 3 of her fine cotton thread doilies. She made them 20 years ago! My mums a leftie so taught me to hook like a mirror, sat opposite. I remember her making them so clearly and it always amused that her stotches went the 'wrong' way lol. I have them wrapped in acid free paper be nice to have them framed. My favourites.

Your favourite place?
It used to be in the library. I love books and learning. With the boom in tech, it's now on the internet! My partner has a nickname for me, after a very large search engine. Apparently the useless information I haven't room for in my head can be found on said search engine.

Three things that make you happy?
My cats, my partner and my yarn

Your biggest achievement?
Getting 2 tweets from Brent Spiner! (Aka Commander Data...Star Trek The next generation!) I'm a total geek like Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory.

You saved the best till last Lea, I LOVE Big Bang Theory and Sheldon is definitely my favourite. Thanks so much for sharing your fab and very Perfect Pug Rug! 

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  1. Oh Mrs Crafty Annie B...Thank you so much. I loved doing the interview it was good to find out some more things we have in common. I dont sound so scary at all ha ha. #MeetTheMaker #CraftyBs

    1. I would never have you down as scary! haha. Thanks for taking part lovely. x

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