Sunday, 12 February 2012

Crafting a Daydream

I actually have a series of reoccurring daydreams. I’m feeling a need to start making them reality. I’ve lived my life up to now being a dreamer. Now I want to be a do-er. My new Ethos:

Don’t dream a dream. Live it. 


What better way to remember all of my thoughts than to record them all in a blog?! Well, I must confess, I thought the best way was pen and paper. I’m a bit of a notebook junky. Unbeknown to most people in my life, I love to write. I’m not saying I’m good at it. I’m saying I love it. I use it as a way to document thoughts and feelings and it makes for interesting reading when looking back at things written at certain points in my life! Thoughts in this medium are not easily shared.

So here I am taking a step into the electronic world of today. To share all of my loves and to find others who share them with me.

Aside from my wonderful husband and my beautiful son, I love to make things. This is not a new development in my life. I’ve always liked to be creative. I rarely find the time these days. So mission one is to make:


My first attempt to find the time was to set up a crafts club at my work place. This was well received by the social committee. Maternity leave meant that I was no longer able to join the lovely ladies in our weekly lunchtime meet, and as those of you with children will know, those moments to yourself are few and far between.

Tomorrow while the little one is napping, I’m going to dig out a few things I have made and share the photos with you.

Don’t forget to check them out, if we have anything in common, hopefully you will be inspired to dig out your own crafting project from the back of that drawer or the bottom of that wardrobe!

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