Tuesday 28 February 2012

Coffee, Cake and a Craft Fair

The last weekend of February turned out to be filled with friends, family, sunshine, coffee, cake and crafts. What more could a girl like me ask for? We headed down to a nearby town on Saturday for a crafts fair and there certainly was a lot to be inspired by.
Crafts, Fabrics
My first spot was a stall with lots of lovely items, handmade by the lady running it. She was a member of her local crafts club and her grandson was there running the stall with her. He certainly had a lot to say and was quite the salesman. I couldn’t hide a huge smile as he proudly stated that his Grandmother has ‘a lot of skill’. Learning to craft is certainly worth your nearest and dearest loving what you do if nothing else. I think her name was Maureen Hudson and her sequin work on some very beautiful decorative Easter eggs and greetings cards brought back memories of Sequin Art when I was a child.

Another stall to catch my eye was MPJ Art Glass. I have to admit I couldn’t find a place for some of the wonderful pieces on this stall if I wanted to. And I really would want to. There was a particularly special green plate with a bird on it. It really was beautiful. A little far fetched to think I could add glasswork to my list of crafts to learn, but a girl can dream can't she?

I also met a very nice lady and gentleman selling things for people to utilise in their crafting. Lorna and Dave of Crafty Textiles were lovely and I purchased some fabric from them to make a knitting bag. Hubby B doesn’t know yet but I intend to steal some of the bamboo sticks in the garage for the handles.
That would be a commitment to a new project I guess. I must remember to add this to the list of open projects. Back in December, I had a stall at my local Christmas Bazaar. I sold lots of yummy goodies which I have pictured below. These included lemon and white chocolate cupcakes, mince pie cupcakes, mince pie cookies, Christmas pudding cookies and Christmas shortbread.
Christmas, Baking
Christmas, Baking
I loved being at the bazaar but upon returning home in a rush to get back to Baby B, I realised that I had forgotten to go back to a lady named Lucy Allen. She also had a stall with lots of awe inspiring beautiful fabric items. I really loved a little purse that she had made with some pretty green beading and I was supposed to go back to pick it up. I have been disappointed every time I remember that little purse and haven’t been able to find any similar pretty beads to make one.

On Saturday I began to look at some fabulous quilting work and as a scanned the table, I saw a small purse with some green beading and as I looked up I realised that Lucy had quickly recognised me. I couldn’t have been more happy as I left the craft fair!

Here is my little beady friend. Thanks Lucy.
Crafts, Handmade
All in all, a great weekend. I’m off to London for the day tomorrow. I have planned the day to incorporate a morning in St James park with Baby B and a trip to the V&A Museum in the afternoon. I wonder what ideas I will come back with.

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