Thursday 1 March 2012

Crafty B's Craft Group in Hardwick, Cambridgeshire

I am buzzing with excitement! After much procrastination, I have finally finished, or perhaps just started one of my biggest projects yet; a craft group for my local community! 

The group will run on a Monday evening from 7.15pm until 9pm and if you are in the area (Hardwick Cambridgeshire), head on down to join in the fun. 

It will be an informal group, meeting up to complete their own crafting projects, share skills with one another, start new projects together and I have lots more in store. Of course there will be tea, coffee and biscuits to keep us fuelled. As if the excitement wouldn’t B-enough haha. 

Please join me on my Facebook page to keep up to date. 

Happ-B crafting! 

*This craft group is still up and running (Jan 2016) although I no longer run it. Please feel free to contact me for more details.
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