Monday 19 March 2012

A Weekend of Crochet: Teddy Bears and Plant Pot Covers

What a lovely weekend! I spent some very much required quality time with Hubby and Baby B. I also managed to get a bit of crochet done in a leisurely manner.

In doing so, on Saturday night, I completed last week’s ‘project of the week!’ I used the same pattern as my last crocheted teddy and made a few notes on how to write my own pattern! In my last post about this little crocheted bear, I pictured the yarn I decided to use. Here is how he turned out.

I am my own worst critic and I can’t say I’m overly ecstatic about the result but Baby B seems to like him. I chose not to use beads for the eyes but instead, I used black yarn. This can now go into my ‘completed projects list.' 

A couple of weeks ago I visited Purplelinda Crafts and purchased a selection of crochet cottons. They are all pictured here except for one green and one brown colour.
Yarn, Crochet
Hubby B bought me a Christmas crochet book for Christmas so I bought these in preparation to make lots of tiny christmas decorations. He also bought a book with lots of crocheted flowers in! I’m certain you can’t see the one I made in the picture below ;-)
Recently, Hubby B has taken a huge interest in the garden, planting all manner of veg and flowers. My proudest crochet moment this weekend was this little sleeve to brighten up all of the terracotta coloured pots that he has!
I made this up myself as I went along and I cant wait to do some multicoloured versions and decorate them with some crochet flowers! On. The. List!! This little sleeve for this pot was an unexpected addition to my completed projects list! I also did a little work on my ‘secret’ crochet projects. can’t wait to share these as well.

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Have a lovely week.
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