Saturday 3 March 2012

A Trip to London and Visiting the V&A Museum: The Power of Making

Last week, Hubby B's work took him to London for the day and so Baby B and I tagged along. We walked through Green Park and onto Buckingham Palace (just missing the Queen making an appearance I might add). We walked around St James Park, down to Victoria Embankment and then back towards the V&A Museum. I had seen a very interesting exhibition online entitled 'Power of Making' but sadly I had missed it. I purchased the publication that went alongside the exhibition and this is making for interesting reading thus far.

Walking through the V&A was an enlightening experience to say the least. I began to see crafting, or ‘making’ in a different light. In discussing objects within our everyday life, Daniel Charny writes;
“The distance between the maker and the user is growing and, with it, knowledge, understanding and appreciation are diminishing.” (The Power of Making, V&A Publishing and the Crafts Council)

This for me encompasses how I feel about the concept of 'handmade' and how I felt as I walked around parts of the V&A, considering how the Industrial Revolution changed the appreciation of the Arts and Crafts as they were once known. I for one, have a different kind of feeling upon receiving handmade gifts and in making things for my home and for others, I hope that friends and family can appreciate it in the same way. I can’t help but feel that in today’s society, value of our possessions is lost in the masses and this is one reason for the misunderstanding of industries such as Fashion.

From my trip to London I have been able to consider my passion for crafting in a different light.

I also took some dropped leaves from St James Park to use as stamps in creating some pretty scrapbook pages. All in all, a successful day, wouldn't you agree?

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