Tuesday 13 March 2012

This Weeks Project - Crocheted Teddy Bear

As I write this, I am sitting in a little cafe, watching the world go by whilst Baby B has a nap before our baby signing class. My daydreaming this morning has taken me to a place of floating scraps fabric, unwinding yarn spiralling around hooks, needles moving in and out of canvas embroidering the words 'finish me' .

Ok so I made that up, but I'm desperately trying to get my thoughts into some sort of order along with all my 'project boxes'. Even the best organisational tactics don't result in projects being finished.
Crochet, Crochet Hook, Yarn

I work best under pressure, working towards deadlines so this week's aim; focus. I am going to focus on getting something finished by the end of the week. That something will be baby B's little crocheted teddy. I have posted a pic of the colourful yearn that I am using. Wish me luck!
On a separate note, the past weekend saw me turn another year older. My ageing aside, it was a perfect weekend of spending time with family, eating lovely food, visiting another craft fair and recieving beautiful flowers and lots of craft books.......Oh dear, I feel an addition to my list coming on. Perhaps some very much required book reviews ;) ?

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