Monday 13 February 2012

Seeking a Past of Crafts: Digging out My Old Craft Projects

The little one has gone down for his pre lunch nap. I have dug out a few things and taken a few snap shots. Now, armed with a hot water bottle, (because the beautiful snow is making me cold), a bowl of homemade muesli (thanks hubby), and a huge mug of tea (of course), I am going to share with you what I have found.
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I am pleased to say that I did find one of the first things I remember making (aside from my Christmas pudding outfit I made in preschool, I wonder if Mummy still has that…). This denim bag was a result of ambition and a creative daydream alongside one of my mums very nice but outdated denim skirts. I was around 13 years old and I hand stitched it all. Looking at it now, the stitching is more like basting. With the help of Big J, (more about Big J another time) I might be able to use this bag.

So, one very old project found, unfinished. Brilliant.

Some other things that I have found are a crocheted baby rattle, a crocheted teddy bear, a ball some Christmas decorations, a scarf, and some old pictures taken of some baking and sugar craft.

I enjoy a number of crafts and love learning new things (maybe I should learn about photography so that I can take some better pictures) but my first love is baking and sugarcraft. When I was a teenager, I used to experiment by throwing all sorts of random ingredients into a bowl and seeing what it made. When I went off to uni, I learned the art of finding and following my own recipes and adapting them. I then went on to do a sugar craft course, make a friends wedding cake, make our engagement cake and our wedding cake! Practice makes perfect and so I used every birthday as a chance to make something new. 

So how about you? Do you have any unfinished craft projects?

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