Saturday 30 March 2013

Decoupage Easter Eggs

Here is a bit more Easter Crafting for you. I have labelled this as crafts for children because it is so simple and easy to do and I know that you can get some fab little models in Hobbycraft etc for doing decoupage.

Ok, confession time: 
I actually bought these eggs last Easter, but you know me, I never got round to finishing them. Actually, starting them. I never got round to starting them! Eek. That is actually terrible considering these took me two hours in total on Good Friday!

Ok so step one, get a cup of tea. I then tore all of my tissue papers up first and place them in little tubs. I did buy some lovely Decopatch papers but before I used them, I coated the eggs with some cheap tissue papers in co-ordinating colours. They weren't colour fast and I can see why people spend out on quality papers but I wanted to make sure that if the Decopatch papers turned out through, I didn't get the brown egg colour. 

I needn't have worried. I used one layer of Decopatch papers on each half  and had loads left. Only the little one had some light colours on the pattern through which you could see the purple tissue paper. 

Despite a LOT of research into the best glue for the job, and whether it was worth spending out on 'special decoupage' glue, I just used general cheap clear PVA and it did the job for something that isn't being handled a lot. There were so many conflicting opinions on the net and I figured trial and error would be the best way to find out. I would probably use something a bit better with a sealing agent in it if I was doing more decoupage, especially if it was something being handled a lot like a keyring. Lets face it, I probably will do some more at some point! So quick, easy and effective.

Overall, some lessons learned and a discovery of a very easy and adaptable craft. Yey :-)

I'll leave you with a few pictures of the process, the finished products and a picture of them on display in my kitchen/diner.

Mrs Crafty B

p.s. Please have sympathy for my one eared sheep :-(

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