Tuesday 19 March 2013

Meet the Maker: Lucy Burrows of Rough Type

When I saw that a friend from university had opened her very own Etsy store, I couldn't wait to get her to do a meet the maker interview. Please make sure you check out her virtual world. It's most definitely worth a look. 
Firstly, two very important questions.

Tea or coffee?
Coffee. But only one a day. White with a dash of sugar as a treat. Once my quota is up I go onto fruit or green tea.

Biscuit or cake? 
A biscuit. Not really into either but if I had to it would be a Party Ring or a Hob Nob.

Tell us all about you.
My name is Lucy and I’m from a town just outside of York. By day I am an Estate Agent for a family run rural agency. By night and by weekend, other than when I'm out dancing, drinking something fizzy, out with the dog and generally enjoying what life throws at me, I paint, print and make things. I set up a creative small business at the end of 2012 called Rough Type. The aim is to try and sell my art work and expand and hopefully do well. My main thing is typography and word art but I have been known to dabble in other bits and bobs like photography and painting in general. Alongside my online shop on Etsy, I also set up a blog called tangerine trees and marmalade skies. On this I discuss my work, what I've been up to and general arty, fashiony, photography related things I've seen and heard about.

What about the item that you are sharing with us? 
The item I am sharing is my first piece, kind of like my classic design. It was this piece that sparked rough type as so many people saw it in my kitchen and said I should try and sell the idea. Its basically a collection of words and names, unique to the individual, jumbled up with other letters. So at first glace it appears to be nonsense. This particular one was the first one I did and it was for my husband and myself for our kitchen. I discuss with the client what they want, words, ideas, colours, size etc and take it from there. It is hand printed using sponge stamps with paint that can be acrylic, emusion, water colour whatever. All depends on getting the right colours and texture. I like art where you can feel something and every piece is unique. This idea then spawned into song lyrics from someone’s first dance, words related to someone’s year of birth. The possibilities are endless.

How long have you been painting and how did you learn? 
I studied art at school and college, mainly painting and the usuals; but I was always drawn to colour and abstract work. In college I discovered illustration and my tutors liked my untidy, scrappy writing so encouraged me to put words alongside my work. I also developed a love of photography and started to explore type over photographs. A change of heart led me to University and to a different discipline (Linguistics, still word related…) and the art dried up unfortunately. After I moved back to the York area and got settled I started to paint again for friends and family and as time has gone on I’ve made more time for it again. I got married last year and finished doing up my house so winter 2012 seemed like the obvious time to start rough type. 

When did you start Rough Type and why? 
I started rough type in winter 2012 to try and sell my work and my ideas. Its very basic at the moment, just 3 types of work for sale but I'm working on a range of cards and also debating selling some prints as a side line.

What inspires and motivates you?
It sounds cheesy and obvious…but everything! I’m really lucky in that I have a big thirst for life and I am, by nature, a very positive person. I love the simple things in life like sunny days, walks with the dog and a good song on the radio. I get inspiration from lots of things in everyday life, but my attention is grabbed by font, art, fashion and old buildings. I take photos of everything as well. What motivates me to work is the thought that one day I may be able to do this, and only this. If I work hard and just crack it.

Any crafting heroes? 
My heroes range from Freddie Mercury and Dolly Parton to Coco Chanel & Marc Jacobs. All creative walks of life. No real crafting heroes…ooops. But from an art point of view it has to be Jackson Pollock.

Do you have a crafting space?
We have a study and I have a big glass desk (I always dreamed of having one) with a collection of Vogues from 2007 onwards, boxes of ideas and inspirations and photographs on. On the wall I have a pin board with cards and pictures on too. And you don’t want to see what’s underneath (everything…paint, card, brushes and an old tv.) This summer however my creative space will be changed into a nursery for our first baby. So my art life will be moved into several boxes which will live under the spare bed and when I've had a couple of weeks off the kitchen table will become my space.

Any big plans for 2013? 
Personally, baby is my number one big plan! Along with spending as much time with my lovely husband. Work wise, Im going to keep painting and printing as much as I can, launch my card range and start trying to spread the word a little more locally. I’m all about supporting local businesses and I am lucky enough to live in a market town where everyone else feels the same so I would like to get some other businesses to promote and support me too.

So can we join you in your virtual world?
You can find rough type on:

Facebook page: rough type
Shop: www.etsy.co.uk/shop/roughtype
Blog: www.thetangerinetreesandmarmaladeskies.blogspot.co.uk
And my personal/ work Twitter: ilovelucyv
And personal/ work Instagram: tagerinetreesandmarmaladesky

Finally, some quick fire questions that we are dying to know the answers to.

Favourite colour?

The best season? 
Autumn. Although I'm a sucker for spring and the flowers and blossom.

Your favourite food? 
Pizza and garlic bread.

The best day of the week? 

What is the best word? 
Don’t have one!

Favourite place?
If I could be anywhere again it would be on the beach in Malibu with my husband. I left a big piece of my heart there. A little bit of my heart also lives in the Dordogne area of France where I spent my summer’s as a child, there’s a piece of it in Hull where I was born and all my family still live and a bit on the cliffs next to St Mary’s Church in Whitby, one of my favourite places in the UK.

Your biggest achievement? 
I don’t have one in particular. Sometimes I pinch myself when I realise what I have and what I’ve done though. I’m one lucky girl.

I can't wait to have a long awaited catch up with Miss Lucy but I will make sure I stay updated with her Rough Type venture.

Mrs Crafty B


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