Friday 8 March 2013

Tea, Crafts and Babies

I thought it was about time I made time to write a little something for you all.

A dense fog has descended outside and its not filling me with much motivation to continue with the housework. So here I am, cup of tea in hand and two choccy biscuits at the ready. Anyone who knows me personally will know that my drinking this tea is a bit of a revelation at the moment and anyone who sees my regular tea ranting online may be surprised to hear that this is one of the first cups of tea that I have had since Christmas. So why have I put my love of tea drinking on hold for so long I hear you ask. Don't worry, I'm not on some anti-tea diet. I am indeed expecting another baby.

Whilst I was pregnant with Baby B, (and in my second pregnancy which sadly ended in a miscarriage last september) I went right off tea for the first few months. I can't explain it, especially as I love it so much. I also suffered with pregnancy sickness in my first two pregnancies but nothing like this time around, hence my absence explained by me as my 'feeling a bit under the weather.' I was actually suffering from very bad pregnancy sickness. I was so scared of sounding like a wimp or being judged by my doctor that I went 9 days without keeping anything down before Hubby B picked up on the situation and marched me to the GP! I had a near miss with being admitted to hospital and soon got back on my feet with meds. This week has seen me perk up dramatically and I'm in the 'enjoying pregnancy' stage. Woo hoo!

So, having told my tale and updating you on my world of crazy, let me update you on my world of craft. I haven't really done much in the way of crafting since Christmas. A few little bits here and there and I have missed a few craft evenings with the ladies but my Christmas present (a Sissix big shot) is ready and waiting for some paper craft mania. As its my birthday AND mothers day this weekend, I have already received a new die to play with. It was given to me by Hubby B and Baby B this morning. I  am also still keen to learn needle felting this year so they are main focus but I still have little projects going on all over the place. I think for my next post I may let you have a little nosy in my crafts bag. What do you reckon?

I hope to be able to blog about project specifics soon with tutorials but until then please stick with me in my desperation to craft a daydream. I really will get there. I need a kick up the bum. Anyone?

Mrs Crafty B

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! So happy for you!!! Also Happy Birthday for this weekend, and Merry Mother's Day! xxx

    ps pregnancy sickness is nothing to be ashamed of - you are not a wimp in anyway. So glad you're feeling better :)