Thursday 5 September 2013

Busby Vintage

First up on the September Takeover, we have Hannah. A post that is beautiful in so many ways.

Thank you Annie for inviting me to write a guest post today! It's been ages since I've written a guest post as have been ridiculously busy, but it's nice to be writing in a different corner of the internet for an hour or so. I hope you're enjoying your new bundle of love, or, if he hasn't arrived yet, you're not too frustrated... or if you're in labour, you're not in too much pain!

So hi! For those of you who don't know me I'm Hannah and I blog over at Make, Do and Push! I've decided to write about my daughter Busby today. She's a funny little monkey whom I love very much. I could write for hours and hours about her, and I do on my own blog, but today I've chosen the topic of her summer wardrobe, as she is far more stylish than me!

I wanted to share some photos from this summer, and talk you through her outfits (and hats).

I actually took this photo back in March, and don't have a more recent one of her in it as she sadly grew out of it by the time the sun finally appeared, but I thought you'd enjoy a 3 month old baby photo anyway. This is a little vintage outfit that I used to wear - I love the embroidered train!

Here we have a vintage Laura Ashley hat. Again this used to be mine! In fact I had matching dungarees which have sadly got lost somewhere along the way. The dress is from the White Company.
This strawberry dress is another one of my old dresses. My Godmother made it for me and I love it. It's a bit big for Busby at the moment, but it kept her nice and cool on this very hot day! The hat is from H&M Kids. Oh, and look at that pout!
The straw bonnet. I found this in H&M Kids and immediately wanted one for myself. It's the one hat that she semi-tolerates for more than 5 minutes, and it makes me think of 19th Century novels. As you can see it can be worn two ways.
The seagull print dress in photo 1 is from Marks and Spencers. The butterfly dress in photo 2 is another H&M Kids find. This is Busby's 70s Safari outfit. It always makes me giggle when she has it on! The smock is from Next and the coral leggings are from Boots.
I love that she has been wearing things that I used to wear! I'm already starting to put things away for when she's a lot older (like one of my Cath Kidston skirts). 

We are loving the vintage and vintage-inspired look in this household!

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