Monday 9 September 2013

Our Crafty Summer

Sam mentions her local Scrapstore in this post. Find yours. It really is, as she says, amazing. 

As a relatively new mum (I have the 3 year old Fred) and a summer stretching before us with downscaled nursery hours I knew I had to have a plan. Obviously we would be doing all the usual park/farm/beach visits, but that still leaves hours for doing things in an attempt to avoid having to pretend to be a dinosaur.

So we have spent this summer exploring all things crafty. We have made button bowls (brilliant), leaf prints, much cutting up of old cards - gluing and sticking, pirate ships from old boxes and a complete robot outfit (that really stretched my skills). We also discovered out local Scrapstore (amazing). But by far Fred’s favourite activity has involved pine cones.

Step 1 – spend a few hours in the park collecting as many pine cones as you can. Ticking the ‘outdoor play’ box 
Step 2 – bring them home and get the paints out
Step 3 – try to prevent small child from throwing them at the dogs, before attaching ribbons and storing for Christmas tree decorations.

Sam @
Crafting a Daydream

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