Wednesday 3 September 2014

Excuse me, do I know you?

This week whilst at a soft play with my Little B's and my niece, a lady and her little one sat on the table next to us. I double took both of them and after a while of thinking 'I know you but I don't know where from,' (don't you hate that?) I simply said with a smile, (how I do, such a chatter box)  "I recognise you both but I can't remember where from!" 
"You're the lady that runs the children's craft groups in Cambourne. [childs name]  loved the Easter sessions." Came her response. "Are you doing any more?" 

I felt myself smile and felt slightly proud. I love every group I do and enjoy meeting every child and parent that come along. At the end of each day I hope that even if they don't return to another session, they take something from that one whether it be ideas, inspiration, motivation, a self esteem boost having made something great or simply a nice few hours of entertainment and switching off from day to day routine. Never do I stop to think that they might remember me! 
I'm passionate about all of the Crafty B's and I truly believe that making and crafting can be so good for you in many ways. I never need anything other than the Crafty B's to gain something but deep down I just really want to boast that someone remembered me! It's like being a which point I would like to say, please no photos when I'm in the street, sometimes I'll sign autographs but please don't stop me when I'm with the boys and if any magazines want exclusives, it'll be 20p a minute (I think that's reasonable). To my local caf├ęs, it won't be necessary for you to offer more than one free coffee a week and cake is always gratefully received. 

On a more serious note, in the past I never would have had the courage to pipe up and ask 'where do I know you from?' and it's such an annoying scenario. I have grown in confidence over the last few years and I use every experience as a learning curve to develop and grow. I would like to thank all of the Crafty B's network for helping me along the way! EVEN the couple of negative nellies who may or may not been quite a challenge during the craft fairs.  I'm so sad that when we move I'll not recognise people in random places day to day but I fully intend to put myself out there. I've already gate crashed the local book club and we're not moving for another two months.

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