Monday, 15 September 2014

National Cupcake Week 2014

This week on Crafting a Daydream, we are going cupcake crazy. The 15th - 21st September is National Cupcake Week and I thought what better way to get involved than with a cupcake theme.

This week we will be looking at perfect recipes, ideas for flavours and decorations, packaging and we will be meeting Nancy in a Meet the Maker/Cupcake Week Mash up.

First lets take a little look at the cupcake.

Cupcake: Definition - Noun - A small cake baked in a cup-shaped foil or paper case

In general there a two schools of thought on the origin of the cupcake. One is that cupcakes started with the baking of small quantities of cake in cups or cup sized pans and the other is that the simple to remember mixture for these cakes was easily measured out with cups originating in America.

The history of the cupcake is a bit patchy and there is debate to be had. There is however, no debating that these individual portions of yumminess are a great base for creativeness, individuality and are so easy to make! 
Stick with us this week and be inspired to get creating your very own signature bake.


Post your bakes this week on Mrs Crafty B's Facebook page and I'll share them. I'll also retweet any pictures that you tweet to @MrsCraftyB. Comment below and tell us all how you're getting involved with National Cupcake Week and most importantly, join in the party and link up your cupcake posts, past or present! 

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    1. Thanks Sam! Why not join the linky party above? Just click 'Add your link' :-)