Thursday 1 October 2015

A Cardboard Dream House with Ocean Finance

We have taken a different stance on #MakingHome over the last few days and I am excited to show you what me and my #MiniMakers have been up to. A few weeks ago we were invited to take part in the Cardboard Dream House campaign with Ocean Finance. Baby B (aged 4) was so excited when the house arrived and we wasted no time in putting it together. Armed with a brief dictated by Baby B, we set about creating his Cardboard Dream Home; with a little supervision from Littlest B (aged 2) 
The house was relatively easy to put up with two identical pieces which just slotted together. The Little Bs were delighted to find that there was a door on each side and this provided entertainment for Littlest B whilst Baby B and I went over his plan. 
Unpacked and ready to go
Baby B helping put the house together 
One house ready to decorate 
Little Bs getting ready to be creative
I had asked Baby B in advance "If you had to build a house, what would you use to build it?" He immediately referred to one of his favourite stories 'The Three Little Pigs'. After finding this picture he told me that he needed to make his house all different colours but he needed to make it with bricks so that the wolf couldn't blow it down! He also needed flowers, of course. 
Armed with a rectangular sponge and red paint (at Baby Bs request because the brown in the picture wasn't bright enough) we started printing the bricks. Of course he soon got bored of this process and left Mummy B to it in favour of playing with all the other crafty bits we had out in preparation.
Baby B got back to work when it was time to paint the roof blue; his favourite colour. He was desperate for the house to look like the third little pigs and he wanted to make the edge of the roof 'curly' like in his book. We used a small round sponge to print circles along the front edge.  He wanted to paint the sides of the roof brown because apparently the little holes were for birds to fly in and live in the roof and their favourite colour is brown. He painted the chimney brown too because it was brown in his book. He didn't want the front door to be the same as the bricks so he went for green because that is Mummy's and Daddy's favourite colour.
Painting the roof blue and making the edges 'curly' 
Painting the sides brown for the birds
A brown chimney just like in the book
A green front door for Mummy and Daddy

In Baby B's book there is a 'flower'. He really wanted to put flowers onto the house (he loves gardening with Daddy) and so we made some window boxes just like Daddy's and his strawberry plant boxes. We cut the bottoms off of two cereal boxes, covered them with tissue paper and glued some craft sticks inside that Baby B had decorated with various flower shapes, sequins and buttons from our craft stash. We then used a large paper clip to attach them to the front windows!
Getting ready to make window boxes
Making flowers for the window boxes 
VOILA! Here is the Littles B's 'Cardboard Dream Home'.
A carefully thought out creation by the Little B's
Two Little Bs enjoying their Cardboard Dream Home 
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  1. aw that's really nice as this will showcase their creative side...It's great how they put a lot of thoughts into it. For sure my kids would love this too. Thanks for sharing! #MakingHome

    1. Surprisingly it lasted a good while for playing with and the local school has it now! Still standing I think!

  2. Aww dear! that kids are really talented. In this way, they impressed thier feelings and also creativity. I think that they really feel proud doing this. Phil Huntington


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