Friday 23 October 2015

The Making Home Weekly Link Up #11

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It is ever so convenient that #MakingHome falls on this day. Today, one whole year ago we arrived at our new home having bought for the very first time together. We moved from the beautiful Cambridge where we had married and had two wonderful children, to the depths of the Welsh Valleys. Three and a half hours away from friends and family, to a place we knew nothing about. Having taken a huge risk and bought straight in, you could say we did ok. We have a beautiful 4 bed house with a large garden, lovely neighbours and a quiet street. It hasn't been without its difficulties though and as much as I count our blessings everyday I also dwell over woes that I know so many of you will be familiar with.
On that Friday we pulled up to our newly built house with our lives contents waiting for us on the driveway in a huge lorry. Two moving guys were eagerly waiting to get it all in and make the drive back home. I wanted to make the most of seeing our brand new empty house after a very busy and overwhelming few days and a long drive and I wanted to be able to feel the relief of finally arriving after months of anticipation; but that feeling never came.

In the blink of an eye our shiny new house was filled with dirty boxes piled high and it became apparent that I was never going to be able to get unpacked with the boys about. Hubby B was off again to Morocco the following day. After one night together in our new home, the boys packed up, Hubby B dropped the boys back with family in England and I spent the week unpacking and beginning the #MakingHome journey.

Despite a whole year having passed by we seem to be in the same place. Everything has been a whirlwind from starting a new nursery and then moving to a new school, getting used to having to drive EVERYWHERE, being so far from the city, local people thinking the city IS close, being so far from family and friends, surgeries and a holiday, new jobs and long hours. We seem to be no further forward in #MakingHome (we only have three pairs of curtains hanging and two lampshades!). So I guess a one year anniversary is a good kick up the bum!

This week (alongside all of the fab recipes and DIY posts) I would love to see some posts about moving home. Anything from tips and advice, personal stories and recommendations of suppliers and companies. I will have some resources to share soon from when we made our move.


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  1. How wonderful to have your own home to do with as you please. I hope, one day, to be a home owner, but in the meantime will have to make due with renting. Linking up for the first time ever! Expect to see regular links from me. :)

    1. Thanks for popping by! I look forward to reading your posts. There have been a few previous links ups all about decor tips for rental homes. We purchased a new build so we've been waiting for a year to start painting :-(

  2. The first home anniversary puts things into perspective, doesn't it? For me moving wasn't stressful because we were renovating the house and that was the stressful part :))

    1. haha I can't even imagine Anca. We went for a new build as first time buyers. I think maybe when our children are older a renovation project might be quite cool!

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