Saturday 3 October 2015

Scenting Your Home: Forbidden Fruits GloLite, Warm Hearts Tealight Holder and Iced Snowberries Tealights; A PartyLite Review

I recently conducted an online poll in which over 45% of the participants said that fragrant candles were their favourite way of scenting their home. I only ever use fragrant candles but alongside scent, the warm glow of a candle adds something extra to a cosy evening in. Being a fan of lighting candles in the home for various occasions I was excited to be asked to review some products by PartyLite. 

I didn't know in advance what I would be receiving so the first exciting thing was discovering what was in my (very safely packed) parcel. The smell from the box was great. I couldn't wait to make my house smell like that instead of stinky boys (sorry boys!) and cooking. 

Inside I discovered a large box which was a Forbidden Fruits GloLite pictured below.
My first impression of this was that it wasn't the kind of design that would fit into my home decor. This is a non issue really as there are so many choices of these GloLites that promise to be extremely luminous and even in their lighting. That was true of this product but maybe no more so that a pillar candle. I did however very much enjoy the scent. I've used it in the evening and found that the scent is still present in the downstairs areas in the morning. I also found it quite a relaxing scent in a hot bubbly bath. (This was obviously a very important experiment!) 

The second product delivered much more that I expected. This was a Warm Hearts Tealight Holder and Iced Snowberries Tealights. 
I mainly use tealights and found the scent of these very strong and seasonal. Think Christmas. The holder however wouldn't be something that I would pick. That was of course until I lit a tealight in there! The mirrored interior along with the flecks of clear glass ensured that the light from a single tealight was maximised, emitting a beautiful glow which extended further than I have ever experienced with a bog standard tealight holder. I tried to captured this in the picture at the top of this post. Small things perhaps but I genuinely love this and I think I might look into getting another for my fireplace. It definitely made for a seemingly warmer environment on a chilly evening and the combination of that with the beautiful scent of the tealights were a winner for me. I highly recommend one of these holders if you are a tealight fan. 

Overall I was a fan of the PartyLight products I received. I intend to restock the tealights and perhaps try some of their other products. 
*I was sent these PartyLite products for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own. 

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  1. The warm hearts tea light holder is fabulous isn't it, one of my fave PartyLite purchases!!!!

  2. The warm hearts tea light holder is fabulous isn't it, one of my fave PartyLite purchases!!!!

    1. It's just a pretty effect isn't it?! I love it.

  3. They holder looks very nice with a lit candle inside, it's cute.

    1. The picture doesn't really do it justice! Keep your eyes peeled on the blog for another post about this holder ;-)