Wednesday, 25 November 2015

A Crafty Sparkly Christmas with Pink Pear Bear

Today for #CraftyChristmas we are joined by the lovely Louise of Pink Pear Bear who is giving us a lesson or two in making Christmas crafty and sparkly. What more could you want?! Louise is drawing inspiration from this fabulous looking Usborne book '100 Christmas things to make and do'.

I'm lucky enough to have several shelves jammed full of craft idea books, many of which are kiddy ones, as I can't resist when I see an offer on. In actual fact, all the ideas came from just one book. It was small and light enough to take out and I ended up finding so much in there I didn't even need to look at the others.
My craft bible for this post.
We started out with fairy bookmarks. We did this one at naptime as I decided little bro may not be the most relaxing company doing more intricate projects. (Don't worry, he gets involved later!!) I pre-cut all the pieces that we'd need and made individual craft cups in advance as patience is not always a strong point in our family!
We cut, glued, drew, sprinkled & sparkled to make some really sweet fairy bookmarks. (Can all our friends glance away now please!)
These little fairies seemed perfect for her to give to her friends as they are all taking that marvelous journey into reading now and so have lots of 'Peter likes Jane, Jane likes the dog' pages to mark. We made some elves for little bro to join in, with haircuts like his but he slept through it all!
The fairy bookmark reveal!! Love how proud she is of it!! (I realise it is very much a scary fairy with those black eyes but she was so pleased that she had done it herself!!
Next & slightly unsuccessfully were wands. Brilliant idea in concept but dodgy glue & toilet tissue paper ruined it somewhat! This is definitely one I'd like to try again at home with the right materials though.
Although the wand crafting was unsuccessful, while we were doing this, my husband captured possibly my favourite photo of big girl and I ever. I think it really captures how much we both enjoy doing craft together.
Then out came the potatoes and finger paints! It has been years since I did potato printing but it is such much fun and I will definitely be doing more of it. The only thing I’d forgotten is how important it is to cut the potatoes as flat as possible, otherwise you get patchy prints and have to load up too much paint, which then takes forever to dry!

First up were reindeers, with potato print faces and drawn on antlers and noses. The book suggested thumb print noses but the idea of waiting for the brown paint to dry and then the red was just too torturous for them so we decided just to draw them on. Little brother was now awake and very eager to participate. And they both decided to wear pyjamas for some reason! :D

It was chaos!! We also had fingerprint snowmen and I used the potato off-cuts to make snowflakes by printing white paint and sprinkling glitter over it before it dried.

I also couldn't resist the finger paints and had a go at something I'd wanted to try for a while, finger print fairy lights. Are you ready for the big reveals?!
Pretty pleased with my sparkly improvised snowflakes, can't beat a bit of sparkle at Christmas!!
Our Rudolfs. Would definitely look better with paint noses, we used coloured pencils.
I love the snowmen, as you may be able to guess, I added the embellishments to them!
 More improvisation! My finger print fairy lights!
Thank you so much for reading and to Mrs Crafty B for having me. If you try any of these crafts yourself, I'd love to hear about how they went, and photos, I love photos if you couldn't tell! You can share them with me over the social media channels, I'm Pink Pear Bear on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Lastly, and definitely not least, I'd like to wish you all a very merry, lovely, family filled, crafty Christmas! May it be magical and most definitely sparkly!

With love from all of us at Pink Pear Bear! :D

Thank you so much for sharing what looked like a fun crafty session with your #MiniMaker Louise! I loved all of the finished items prints and it has certainly inspired me for christmas cards this year. Don't forget #CraftyBs that we want to nosy at your #CraftyChristmas posts too so get them linked up below and tweet them to @MrsCraftyB
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