Friday 13 November 2015

The Making Home Weekly Link Up #13

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Most of you will not be thinking about the garden at this time of year, however I have it on good authority (from Hubby B) that now is the best time to put in your spring bulbs! Even if you aren't a huge gardening fan, everyone loves a few flowers right? Especially if they are low maintenance.  Hubby B will be out this weekend (alongside various other DIY jobs I have planned for him) to put in clumps of daffs, tulips, crocus, snowdrops and whatever other 'pretty' things I agreed to during our online shopping spree.

Popping bulbs into the ground is a fun and easy activity for your #MiniMakers to get involved in but if it's not your thing there are other fun 'garden' activities to keep those green fingers busy. We haven't done much in our garden yet and being on a newly built site, we are lacking a bit of wildlife. We are hoping these homemade birdseed cakes and pine cone bird feeders will help us along the way with bringing back a bit of an eco system to our outdoor space.

Why not have a go with your #MiniMakers and let me know how you get on?

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  1. ah, I can feel all virtuous as my spring bulbs are already in :) I love the idea of the pine cone bird feeder though so I'm off to check that out. Thanks for hosting #makinghome :)

    1. My boys love making these! We need to make some more as we struggle with wildlife in the garden at the mo. We live in a new build so it has all been scared away by the building antics.

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