Friday, 27 November 2015

How to Make Mulled Wine Scented Christmas Candles by Becster

This year I have homemade candles on my 'to make' list so I could not be happier that one of the contributors this week, Rebecca of, is sharing how to make these cute little jar candles. A great project for #CraftyChristmas and what's more, we all love a bit of upcycling! 

Last year we were feeding Little Miss ready made jars of baby food after the complete failure that was baby led weaning! So of coure we went through quite a few jars - at least 3 jars per day so as you can imagine, our recycling boxes got quite full with these cute little glass jars. After throwing a few out (recycle I must add), I thought that there must be something I could do with them….. and so I came across the idea of making some simple homemade scented candles.

After some research I bought my ingredients from (and if you've ever watched The Two Ronnies you will have a giggle at the name!).

  • 800g of wax - there are different types of wax that you can get but because this was an experiment I didn’t chose an expensive one
  • mix bag of coloured wax - because I needed some red wax to make my candles festive
  • mulled wine extract - to give the candles some festive smell
  • wicks 
Also needed: 
  • an old (but clean) saucepan
  • a wooden spoon (a plastic one will melt)
  • a funnel (trust me on this one!)
  • small jars
  • ribbon
  • superglue

1) Ensure your jars are clean and as neatly as you can, superglue your wix in place in the middle of the jar
2) Measure out 400g of wax
3) Melt the wax and add some of the coloured wax and two droppers of the mulled wine extract - if you want a deep red colour then you need to add in more than I did. (Be careful - the mulled wine extract smell is very strong when you do this and if you're susceptible to smells (or asthmatic) then I suggest you wear a mask) 
4) Once the wax has fully melted - the mixture should be clear - pour into the jars
5) Leave to cool for a couple of hours and be careful not to disturb the jars whilst they cool otherwise the wax might split

Now this is the decorating part and is completely up to you.... but here's what I did 

6) Once your jars have cooled, cut off any excess wick

7) Measure out enough ribbon to tie around the middle. I made my ribbon so it was flat against the jar. However you can make it into a nice bow if preferred. Also I used some wrapping paper ribbon to make a swirly bow around the rim of the jar

Et voila! The finished product! Told you it was simple huh?! 
(Find Becster on Twitter and Instagram

These look very pretty and I bet they smell great. I hadn't decided on a scent for mine yet but I like the idea of mulled wine! They would make great gifts. I also giggled at the name of the site you used haha. If you #CraftyBs haven't yet linked up your #CraftyChristmas posts, what are you waiting for? Use the 'Add your link' button below. 

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