Thursday 7 August 2014

A List of Lists

Lists. A subject that has been topic of tweets between myself and others many a time.

I'm a HUGE list fan. I write lists for everything. It strikes me as the sort of thing that one either does with enthusiasm or just, well, doesn't. 

Generally, I don't spend a huge amount of time writing lists as I add to them as I go but I find the small amount of time spent on adding to them means that I can prioritise and not forget things. I used to keep a 'to do' list when I was in employment and it made for smooth running of my daily tasks and helped me to be efficient. Sometimes however I do wonder how much time I spend on list keeping and whether or not the time would be best spent on getting jobs done!

My lists normally consist of one for my childminding business, one for house admin stuff, a shopping list, a crafty list, a blog/virtual world list and a general 'things to do today' list. Of course I then have a wish list and a 'big ideas' list.  Sometimes though, I feel the need to separate a certain list into subcatergories to enable me to prioritise better. Of course this is my crafty list.

My crafty list consists of crafts for home, gifts for people, things to make for stalls, ideas based on crafts, tutorials I want to write and of course, crafts I want to try! They are all jumbled up together and as a consequence, when I do have an hour on an evening to get stuck in, I don't know where to start! 

My current task at hand is attempting to get the house super organised before the big move so I do feel a list overhaul coming on. I hope that I can start being more organised and spent more time on the crafty list! 

So how about you? Are you a list keeper? Do you never keep a list? What works for you in terms of time management and er....not forgetting things?! I wonder what sort of productive systems I can put in place to avoid list keeping. I'd love to hear your tips and ideas. 

Mrs Crafty B 


  1. Oh, I love a good list, inherited from my mum I think. She had lists for everyone ;) Although I still have lists from time to time, I'm finding a big table planner has been excellent-I can see the month at a glance and different colours make it easy to see if it's the boys activities, mine or the business

  2. Got to love a bit of organisation! My calendar has four columns which is useful but I definitely need a more efficient system for everything together.