Wednesday 27 August 2014

Upcycling Vs Recycling & Re-Imagining to Re-Create

It's all the rage. Sustainability campaigns, blogs, magazine features, its own publications, schools, stores, social enterprises, everyday craft projects and more, but what is upcycling really about? We have heard the word, seen the projects, been to scrapstores but lets break it down. What is upcyling? How about recycling? What does it all mean to us?

In the age of trying to create a better, cleaner, more sustainable environment for the generations of tomorrow, there is push to re-use everything we possibly can to the best of its ability. We all have the right bins on our driveways to separate our waste and we all know that cans, plastic bottles and paper etc should be sent away for RECYLING. 

Recycle - to treat or process (used or waste materials) to make suitable for reuse

This process will turn these materials back into something re usable but with some degree of process, chemicals and work i.e. cost. We should all recycle where we can to reduce landfill and I don't need to lecture you all but before you dedicated lot get rid of everything to recycling, have a think about UPCYCLING.  

Upcycle - Reuse (discarded objects or material) in such a way as to create a product of higher quality or value than the original. 

Upcyling is about creating something brand shiny new out of materials that would otherwise be re-cycled or sent to landfill. I'm not saying hunt your cupboard to make stuff, I'm not saying take stuff out of your bin. I'm saying be inspired. Browse the web, take a look on Pinterest and keep coming back to Crafting a Daydream as I venture further into the world of upcycling and start to Re-Create!

As a starting place, why not find your local scrapstore? Back in March at the Cambourne Craft Fair, the Re-Imagine Resource Centre (Witchford Nr Ely) came and worked with Crafty B's to run some upcyling workshops. Following the fair, Crafty B's went to the centre to run some more crafty classes. Although the impending family move means this can't continue, Re-Imagine has the full support of Crafty B's whilst they are doing something amazing by collecting materials from businesses, manufacturers and the like for the public to use in their crafty and DIY projects. The place is a gold mine and hopefully Re-Create can give you a bit of inspiration for your next visit to Re-Imagine or your own local scrapstore.

Here's a few sneaky peeks of some projects to come.

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