Tuesday 26 August 2014

Meet the Maker: Janette of Cards by Janette

This beautiful invitation caught my eye recently on my Twitter feed. The colour of the ribbon is my favourite shade and teamed with pearl look ring in the centre and the polkadots, it is simple yet very classy. I couldn't wait to find out more about the maker. How about you? 

First up, lets welcome this week's maker; tea or coffee? 
Coffee first thing to wake me up! Then a few relaxing teas in the afternoon. Both strong with a small half sugar! 

Biscuit or cake?
Hmmm, biscuits, but as a treat it’s warm chocolate fudge cake and ice-cream! 

So, tell us a bit about yourself. 
I’m Janette, Yorkshire born and bred and I have my own handcrafted wedding stationery business, Cards by Janette. This keeps me busy along with being mum to my 3 year old son. I love doing all things craft and any spare time I have, I enjoy relaxing in some peace and quiet! 

...and what about the item that you are sharing with us?
This is a wedding invitation from my Polka Dot range. It’s one of my favourite ranges and I’ve just received an order from a bride to be for this design, so I’m very excited to be soon making lots of them! It’s a simple but classic design using satin ribbon and a small pearl buckle. I like the contrast between the ribbon and the smooth cream card. 

How long have you been card making and how did you learn? 
I’ve been handcrafting cards since around 2006. It started as a hobby, crafting for fun in my spare time. I then started selling my cards at craft fairs with a friend. From there I decided to set up my own wedding stationery business. I read a lot of craft and card making magazines and do get drawn into the Craft Channel on TV many nights! I love anything related to craft and my next project is to try patchwork quilting! 

When did you start Cards by Janette and why?
I started my Wedding Stationery business in early 2013. After finishing maternity leave. I thought it was the perfect time to try something I’d been wanting to do for a number of years. So after many years in the making my online store was finally launched. 

What inspires and motivates you?
I believe if you want something enough and you work hard enough then your dreams are possible. I see other small successful businesses around me and just keep telling myself, I am one of those and yes I can do it too! Keeping positive works wonders! 

Do you have a crafting space?
I have a designated area in the living room where all my crafting takes place and a huge cupboard filled to to the rafters with all my crafting things! 

Any big plans for the rest of 2014? 
To be happy in life and continue to expand my business and to hopefully grow and grow and grow!

So can we join you in your virtual world? 
Yes please do! Have a look at all my stationery collections on www.together-forever.co.uk. You can follow me on Twitter @cardsbyjanette and Facebook.com/Together-ForeverJKH. I’m also new to pinterest.com/cardsbyjanette/

Finally, some quick fire questions just for fun.

Favourite colour? 

The best season?
Winter, when you can get all wrapped up and snuggled in!

Your favourite food?

The best day of the week?

What is the best word?

Favourite place?
Laying in the sunshine, listening to the world go by.

Your biggest achievement?
My successful business and my wonderful son!

It's been lovely to meet you Janette and I wish I had had something so beautiful for our wedding invites! 

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