Friday 29 August 2014

Mini Makers: Mess Free Painting!

My crafty workshops were always a quick turnaround. With a 40 min drive between two sessions, two little boys demanding my attentions as soon as I came through the door and the tea time/bathtime/bedtime routine to be done,  I had to be super organised. Especially with used glue sticks, paint brushes and dirty pots. My Little B's love to get crafty but when unpacking and clearing away after three workshops, it wasn't the ideal time. Then I discovered a cool activity.

When I finished my groups, whilst packing up, I used to throw all the paint brushes into a plastic bag for washing at home later. On taking this bag out on one occasion, I started squidging the paint around inside the bag (you're never too old). I took a picture and used it for a note to self for my next idea as 'Head of Home Entertainment' (I gave myself that job title, amongst others ;-) ). 

When clearing away after my next group, I squirted some bright paint into a plastic zip up freezer bag, used masking tape to stick it to the table and encouraged BabyB to push the paint around with his fingers. 
He explored the feeling of it and soon got to grips with what happened to the paint with different pressures and when he pushed his finger in different directions. It kept him entertained for ages! The great thing is that it lasts. This bag was used for a good few weeks before we needed dispose of it. 

Why Not…
…put two colours into the bag and allow your Mini Makers to discover what happens when the colours mix together e.g. blue and yellow paint will mix to make green. WOAH! 

Early Years Foundation Stage
This activity addresses or can address the following areas of learning:

- Communication and language - Talk to your little ones about what they are doing. What colours are the using? How does the paint feel? What happens when the push their fingers into the paint?

- Literacy - Controlled movements of the fingers through the paint all count towards practice for writing.
- Understanding the world - What happens when they press lightly or hard? How does the paint move? What happens if you use two paint colours?  
- Expressive arts and design - Allows little ones to be creative. 

Have fun you guys! 

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