Friday 12 December 2014

The Twelve Makers of Christmas: Ellie of FudgEl

Welcome to the first instalment of The Twelve Makers of Christmas. We have a smashing line up of crafts, gifts and products all being shared by lovely makers who have popped over to Mrs Crafty B for some Christmassy nattering. This first one is so exciting for me because I have know this lovely lady for around 12 years! So lets meet the maker of this lovely looking fudge.

First of all Ellie, welcome to the Meet the Maker Christmas special! Let's get settled. A drink? What is your favourite Chritmas tipple?
Mulled wine most definitely, would drink it all year round if I could!

How about a Christmas treat? Would you prefer mince pie or Christmas pud?
Mince pie, to go with the mulled wine of course.

Great, so tell us a bit about yourself.
I’m Ellie, I started FudgEl (Fudge by El) a couple of months ago. I unfortunately got made redundant from my job and decided to give making fudge a go, as it is something I have loved doing for a while!

What is the item you are sharing with us?
My cookie dough fudge. A creamy vanilla fudge that is studded with pieces of cookie dough (don’t worry I have formulated a special recipe that does not contain raw egg!)

What was your inspiration for the item?
The sheer love of cookie dough and wanting to combine it with the yumminess of fudge.

How long have you been making fudge and how did you learn?
I have always loved baking, though I am completely self taught. My Mum was never much of a cook or baker. I guess I have been making fudge for a couple of years, though only occasionally for presents etc, only seriously for a few weeks really.

Do you have a designated space or room?
Mostly in my kitchen, though I have a little store desk for keeping lots of my ingredients and boxes.

So where can the Crafty B’s find you and your fudge online?
I’m on facebook at the moment at and my website

What big plans do you have for 2015?
To be honest, 2014 has been a year of big change and shock and I haven’t thought much past Christmas, so I think I will just watch this space and see what happens!

What will you be doing this Christmas?
Staying at home with my family.

Do you have any personal traditions over the holidays?
Just lots of eating, drinking and being merry, oh and bucks fizz for breakfast! My Nan always comes over for the Christmas period.

What is the best thing about Christmas?
Spending the quality time with my family and playing lots of board games.

Complete the following sentences:

I will start my Christmas shopping… the January sales.

My best ever Christmas gift was… little car, such a shock when I was 21, it was sitting out on the driveway with a little bow on.

My worst (but gratefully recieved ;-) ) Christmas gift was…
...I honestly cannot ever remember having a bad Christmas gift.

Our Christmas dinner normally consists of…
...Roast turkey and all the trimmings, especially lots of sprouts.

Christmas wouldnt be christmas without… family.

The best Christmas song is…
...The pogues, fairytale of new work.

My favourite Christmas decoration is…
...a sweet holder that sings frosty the snowman every time you take a sweet out of it.

My most memorable Christmas was…
...The last Christmas that my great granddad spent with us, it was lovely and has such good memories.

I think handmade fudge is the perfect gift at anytime of year and the Crafty B's will be pleased to have you on their radar. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful Christmas! 
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