Saturday 20 December 2014

The Twelve Makers of Christmas: Gabriella of Kiddy Shack

Today with The Twelve Makers of Christmas, we continue our lovely line up of crafts, gifts and products with Gabriella. She's popped over with this beautiful embroidery hoop for some Christmassy chatter. 

Hi Gabriella. First of all, what is your favourite Christmas tipple?
Mulled wine - I don’t actually like red wine, prefer white or rose but warmed up with orange and spices now that is a whole different story… ☺

Would you prefer Mince pie or Christmas pud?
Mince pie, I never really liked Christmas pudding.

So tell us a bit about yourself.
I am a mum of two gorgeous daughters. I stayed home with my children when they were born and the plan always was to be with them until they are at school. I had to keep myself busy so soon after when my youngest was born I started Kiddy Shack. At first I was working from the dining table but soon outgrown it and later I claimed a room in our new extension so now have a lovely little den I can hide away and create. I always loved art and craft even when I was younger and was told I have a talent but never really pursued it. So now I had to give it a go and I love making things. I cannot imagine my life without Kiddy Shack anymore. I don’t remember the time when I used to have nothing to do in the evenings just chill and watch TV. Now I am creating even when I watching something… my fingers never stop lol ☺

What is the item you are sharing with us?
Reindeer design Christmas embroidery hoop art.

It is beautiful. What was your inspiration for the item?
I am a bit of a “fabricoholic” and have lots of fabrics at home I just can’t even bring myself to cut sooooo I was looking for a way of displaying them so I can just admire them whenever I feel like it… Then after spotting some photos on Pinterest I came up with the idea of getting some embroidery hoops and stretch my fave fabrics over them. I have a few of these and asked my lovely husband to hang them up in my sewing room. So when I was looking for something similar for Christmas this gave me the idea to do the same thing with Christmas fabrics and just add some snowflakes. I do love how it turned out. This particular one now got re-homed but I will be making some more for sure… ☺

Oh I am guilty of a huge stash of fabric I can't bring myself to cut up! How long have you been sewing and how did you learn?
I have been sewing actively for about 5 years. I learned everything from my grandma when I was about 13-14 years old. I remember making lambada skirts at first then moved onto a lovely pleated short out of Burda magazine ☺. Now I only really make toys and gifts rather than garments. 

Where do you craft? Do you have a designated space or room?
I now have a lovely sewing room which I claimed during our extension a couple of years ago. It was going to be our utility room so as it happens I am still sharing with the washing machine but it turns out it is a very good place to store things on… only unbreakable things though as have had a couple of accidents when I left mobile phone/laptop on top and found them on the floor after a load… ☺

What big plans do you have for 2015?
I am hoping to approach a few local gift shops in the hope that they might stock some of my items. Also a new venture for me will be running a sewing club in my village for children. I am in the middle of setting this up.

Well done you. I used to love the childrens' Crafty B's groups. What will you be doing this Christmas? 
We will spend Christmas at my sister-in-laws house in London. My husband’s parents and my brother-in-laws family will also be there. We always spend Christmas together with all the cousins (5 girls in total). I think it will be fun for all the girls to run around again as they haven’t seen each other for a while ☺ 

Do you have any personal traditions over the holidays? 
No not really… 

What is the best thing about Christmas? 
Having a nice long rest from school runs and having the family all together. Also love the decorations. In my country we don’t put the tree and decorations up until the 24th so I love the extended time I can look at the twinkling lights etc… ☺ 

Complete the following sentences:

I will start my Christmas shopping…
...I have already started and getting on rather well with it ☺

My best ever Christmas gift was…
… UGG boots from my husband two years ago which I still wear almost every day during the cold months.

My worst (but gratefully received ;-) ) Christmas gift was…
… I don’t remember getting anything I really didn’t like. I am easily pleased with girly things/candles etc… ☺ 

Our Christmas dinner normally consists of…
… Traditional turkey and all the trimmings.

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without…
… Family time.

The best Christmas song is…
… Rockin' around the Christmas tree.

My favourite Christmas decoration is...
… Cinnamon Christmas trees I make ☺ 

My most memorable Christmas was… 
… 2004 when we went skiing to Morzine in France. I loved the fact that it was snow all around us (it’s how I imagine Christmas but doesn’t always happen in England). It was prior to having children so we went skiing all day every day and came back to the cosy warmth of the chalet we stayed in where dinner was cooked for us and just chilled and played games all evening. 

Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful reindeer hoop with us Gabriella and have a lovely Christmas with your family. 
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