Tuesday 16 December 2014

The Twelve Makers of Christmas: Heather of Minty Moose

Welcome back to The Twelve Makers of Christmas. We have a smashing line up of crafts, gifts and products all being shared by lovely makers who have popped over to Crafting a Daydream for some Christmassy nattering. Today our maker is sharing these lovely personalised wooden baubles.

Hello maker number 5! Lets get settled for the interview. What is your favourite Chritmas tipple?
Probably Baileys, although we buy Aldi's own!

Would you prefer Mince pie or Christmas pud?
Neither, I can't eat grains, and the kids don't like them, so we stick to ice cream!

Tell us a bit about yourself.
I am Heather and I started Minty Moose about 3 years ago. Initially it started as a fundraiser for my children to go to an international Scout camp in Holland, but I got the bug and just kept going! I sell through 2 websites, Etsy and Supermums, as well as at various craft fairs

What is the item you are sharing with us?
These are wooden baubles 10cm across with letter tiles spelling out either a Christmas word or a name

What was your inspiration for the item?
I saw a picture of a 'Peace on Earth' decoration a few years ago and though what a good idea it was, and then last year a friend asked me to make baubles for her great grandchildren, so the names were added to the range.

Do you make any other items? 
I make a variety of decorations and gifts using letter tiles, some are not easy to post so are only available as craft fairs, but others can be found in my online shops on Etsy and Supermums.

Where do you craft? Do you have a designated space or room?
My craft table is in our spare room - it can be turned back into a bedroom with a bit of notice, but fortunately that doesn't happen too often!

Where can the Crafty B’s find you online? 
I'm on FacebookTwitter and my blog is www.mintymoose.com. My online shops are http://supermumscraftfair.co.uk/stalls/minty-moose/ and www.etsy.com/uk/shop/MooseintheMint

What big plans do you have for 2015?
At present I don't post out my frames, but would like to have a wider rage of products in my online shops, so I will be working on that. I'd also like to work out a better structure for my marketing

What will you be doing this Christmas?
We have a quiet Christmas day with just the 4 of us, then go to my parents for the day a few days later, finishing with gathering of my husband's family at new year - quite a spread out holiday

Do you have any personal traditions over the holidays?
The children make gifts for their aunts and uncles - usually edible!

What is the best thing about Christmas?
Being able to slow down and spend time with family

Complete the following sentences…

I will start my Christmas shopping…
… on Boxing Day.

My best ever Christmas gift was…
… my rebuilt sewing machine - it had been my grandmother's but went bang and we didn't know if it was worth repairing.

My worst (but gratefully recieved ;-) ) Christmas gift was…
… a pink duck doorstop - I have an autumn coloured living room!

Our Christmas dinner normally consists of…
… gammon, followed by ice cream.

Christmas wouldnt be christmas without…
… our Christmas sleigh table decoration (picture attached!)

The best Christmas song is…
… too many to chose.

My favourite Christmas decoration is…
… a Nativity decoration with the characters all played by bears.

My most memorable Christmas was…
… the Christmas our eldest was about a year old and seeing the cousins all playing together.

Thanks for sharing with us Heather. I'm sure the Crafty B's will come and visit your virtual places and check out your other lovely handmade items.

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