Tuesday 23 December 2014

The Twelve Makers of Christmas: Sarah-Jane aka Crafty Mama

Welcome to the final interview in The Twelve Makers of Christmas series! We have had smashing line up of crafts, gifts and products all being shared by lovely makers who have popped over to Crafting a Daydream for some Christmassy nattering. Crafty Mama Sarah-Jane is sharing with us, her honeycomb recipe. There's still some crafty time left folks! 

Lets get settled for the interview. What is your favourite Christmas tipple? 
I'm not really a big drinker but at christmas when the wee one is in bed, i'll snuggle up on the sofa with a glass of Malibu and lemonade.

Would you prefer Mince pie or Christmas pud?
Nether, I hate raisins ... We make Christmas cupcakes or Santa biscuits instead.

Tell us a bit about you. 
I never know what to say when people ask me this ... my official stance is I'm a crafting, blogging, cooking, book reading, coffee drinking, Disney loving, Halloween Obsessed, hairdressing student, Mummy house elf. Other than that, I'm just me :)

What is the item you are sharing with us?
Homemade honeycomb.

What was your inspiration for the item? 
A friend of mine made some but called it Hokey Pokey. I love honeycomb but never realised how easy it was to make.

How long have you been baking and how did you learn? 
I've been baking for as long as I can remember. I used to help my mum in the kitchen when I was little and it's grown from there. I love making things and being taught to cook/bake is a life skill I feel everyone should learn. Agent M is always helping me in the kitchen when we bake cakes and make treats so hopefully he'll still enjoy it when he's older.

Where do you craft? Do you have a designated space or room?
I tend to craft in my room when Agent M is in bed or with knitting, it'll be on the sofa while he plays. I'm hoping to get the small box room transformed into a craft room by the end of next year so I can have my own little space. My bedroom looks like a mini Hobbycraft because I have no room :)

Where can the Crafty B’s find you online?
My Blog is http://craftmama087.blogspot.co.uk/  and I'm on many social medias:
Twitter - https://twitter.com/craftymama087
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/justacraftymama
Pinterest - http://uk.pinterest.com/CraftyMama087/
Instagram - http://instagram.com/craftymama087

What big plans do you have for 2015? 
Big plans. I hope to pass my hairdressing course and move onto the next level. I would love to learn to drive next year and get some time to create a craft room. It would be nice to go on a holiday but if I see my family in England then I'd be over the moon. Craft wise I'd love to start selling on Etsy. Turning my hobby into a way to make extra money would be my dream!

What will you be doing this Christmas?
I'm housebound this Christmas. We'll be opening prezzies then having family come visit in the morning while I jump in and out of the kitchen. From 2pm the door will be locked, the onsies will go on and we will be chilling out with a big christmas dinner, some dvds and loads of snuggles.

Do you have any personal traditions over the holidays?
I don't really have many traditions. We leave out the cookies and milk for Santa coming on the Christmas eve and we usually get our new jammies on to watch a movie before we go to bed on the 24th. Other than that we kind of just go with the flow.

What is the best thing about Christmas? 
Seeing family and watching the excitement on Agent M's face when he sees his prezzies.

Complete the following sentences:

I will start my Christmas shopping…
… usually by the end of August and finish a week before Christmas.

My best ever Christmas gift was…
… my laptop that was a gift for my birthday and Christmas from my mum.

My worst (but gratefully recieved ;-) ) Christmas gift was…
… an out of date box of maltesers :)

Our Christmas dinner normally consists of…
… turkey, mash potatoes, stuffing, veggies and the godly pigs in blankets.

Christmas wouldnt be christmas without…
… my little boy

The best Christmas song is…
… Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas by Frank Sinatra

My favourite Christmas decoration is…
… My Disney Villains baubles

My most memorable Christmas was…
… last year as it was our first Christmas with Agent D. He spoilt Agent M and I and we had my sister, her partner and my dad over for dinner with my Mum and her partner over in the morning. I felt so special and seeing family made me really happy.

What a lovely memory and a truly meaningful Christmas. Thanks Sarah-Jane for sharing this recipe. I will be sure to give it a go! Have a lovely Christmas.

That's our line up folks! I hope you have enjoyed all the Christmas chatter and meeting all of the lovely Christmas makers. Meet the Maker will be back in the new year so be sure to get in touch if you have something to feature. 
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