Friday 9 January 2015

The Queen(B)'s New Year Message 2015

Happy new year! I hope it has been a good one so far and that you have all had a lovely Christmas. I've been taking a little break away from my virtual space to enjoy the festive season with my lovely lot, hence the very late new years greetings.

It has been back to work and school for us this week and a new routine is iminent as we become more settled in our new home. I've been thinking a lot about what 2015 will hold for us B's, but first, a 'new years message.As self proclaimed Queen B in our house, (I live with three boys) I felt that I could get in on the actual Queen's Christmas Day Message act and I've decided to take this opportunity to look back over 2014.

I took a very quick look at my 2013 summary. What a year!! Just when I thought it couldn't get any more crazy, 2014 happened. So here's a quick look back over the journey you have joined me on. 

In January I looked at thrifty meal planning (whilst feeling the financial implications of Christmas) and thought about how to plan meals to save waste and money.

February saw another craft day in Bourn and helped me to realise that I wanted to moved forward with more craft groups and plan further meet ups. The Crafty B's supported the Dream Drops charity and in March, we held another craft fair, this one was huge; with 34 stalls, crafty workshops and activities, a cafe (run by Hubby B and friends) and a bouncy castle! I felt a huge sense of achievement having organised this myself. 
I began to consider the apples of our crafty eyes with some Mini Maker ideas. I took this one step further in April when I used money left from the craft fair to run some childrens Easter workshops. I also decided to commit more fully to my blog and organising and marketing craft groups; so I investigated better workspace options. I found a great place to work from to start being more productive. 
But then…

… in early May, we got some news that changed everything! Hubby B was offered a job in Cardiff and so anything Crafty B's related was now on hold whilst we made decisions, plans and hunted for our new abode! 

In July, I announced our move and wrote about our holibobs including the deadly seagulls. Then there came some experimenting with Total Greek Yoghurt and their Total+ concept, some upcycling and I won a Hobbycraft voucher from a fellow blogger. 
September was huge on the blog as I hosted Cupcake Week and I finally finished Littlest B's crocheted wave blanket!
Once we relocated in October I had no internet (in fact I have FINALLY been connected today, but thats a whole other story) but I started Making Home with a review of an address stamp and a view to continuing the feature in 2015. November saw the encouragement of food bank donations with #FoodBankFillUp. In December, despite the lack of a home internet connection, I was determined to bring you something Christmas themed and so we counted down with a #CraftyBsAdvent on the Mrs Crafty B Facebook page and on the blog I hosted The Twelve Makers of Christmas. I was also sure to say thanks to Costa Coffee for making an unsettling time, that bit more settled. 
This brings me to now. I have been enjoying some quality time off with my family because let's face it, we don't do things by halves and after a busy couple of months in the lead up to the move and a strange time settling into our new home and surroundings, we've needed it. I miss my Cambridge friends and community HUGELY. I miss our old way of life and I miss the Hardwick Crafty B's. I have missed my virtual community over my 'no internet' period (by the way, I do NOT feel enlightened) and I have missed being my crafty self; but here's a new year!

Hello 2015! We are moved, in, settled and ready for this next new adventure. New jobs, a different way of living, new schools, new friends, amazing places to explore, more space to craft/garden/play in and a huge home to 'make.' I can't wait to keep you all posted on the blog. 

I hope you will continue to follow my journey as I craft my daydreams and begin 'Making Home'.

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