Monday 12 January 2015

Getting 2015 Organised with a Gruffalo Family Planner

If I haven't mentioned before, I love a bit of organising! A place for everything and everything in its place. It means I can be efficient, I know where everything is when I need it and when it comes to organising myself, I know what I'm supposed to be doing and when. I am very easily distracted and so I have to keep a notes of all sorts so I don't forget anything. Nothing makes this all easier for me than my family planner.

Each year I meticulously pick out a family planner that is pretty and has enough columns to keep track of family activities, birthdays, Hubby B's commitments, meal plans, events, my tasks, appointments, school dates etc. This year has been no different, except that I had a little help from Baby B and he picked a gooden! He first spotted this Gruffalo planner when Christmas shopping.

We are big fans of the Gruffalo in our house; books, DVDs, costumes, clothes and Baby B finishing each line as I read it. It was a no brainer. It had all the columns I needed, PLUS stickers! We love stickers too. At the start of every year, I make a cup of tea, open my calendar, oooo and aaaaa and fill in birthdays, planned events and anything I know is coming up. I was a bit delayed this year as I have been making the most of time off with Hubby B, but when I eventually opened my new planner, I couldn't have been more pleased.

At first I had a bit of a panic. Can you spot what is odd about this first page?
The first month was August 2014! On inspection (i.e. reading the back which contained information that ironically, I forgot) I realised it was 17 month calendar. Then I felt a slight disappointment that I didn't get it sooner. There were more stickers than I thought there would be and useful ones at that!
I can't wait to stick on the 'half term trees' and of course, if I have stickers for hairdressing appointments, I must use them all right? Yes. Yes I must!

Another great GREAT thing about this planner is a little pocket at the bottom.
I've been thinking recently about how to collect receipts as they come into the house to avoid having to fish through a sea of till roll to get the keys out of the key tray, a pile of paper building up looking messy on the breakfast bar or my purse seams bursting (not for money!) This pocket is a great idea and I have full intentions of making it my receipt collection point so at the end of each month I can sort what can go into recycling, what needs to be filed and what has to be used for expenses.

I ended up purchasing this calendar from Tesco for just £5 but other retailers sold it for around the £10 mark. Had I paid the £10, it still would have been worth the money. Although with intentions of saving more cash this year, finding it at half the price was was a great start.

So how do you like to organise yourself? Do you have a paper based diary or calendar? Do you rely solely on technology? Or do you just go with it and naturally remember stuff?! (Totally jealous if the latter).

*This was not a sponsored post
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  1. Ah we have this planner as well, it's brilliant! I especially love the three stickers that mark out half terms. The pocket at the bottom is brilliant for all the girls' party invites and doctors appointments. Love it! Becky x #MakingHome

    1. I know! It is great. I like to go for something different each year but this one is perfect. I use the pocket for the same thing. The Little Bs are all over those stickers * no no they are MUMMY'S stickers * haha. #MakingHome