Friday 16 January 2015

Maintaining a Wooden Chopping Board With Oil

It has become apparent to me in my quest to create an efficient home, that there are a lot of house keeping things I did not know. Like, a lot of things. Simple things that you all probably know.

Just in case this wasn't common knowledge, did you know that it's advisable to treat your new wooden chopping board with oil?! I mean, I don't know if this is true or if it makes a difference AT ALL but in the last few years, Hubby B and I have gone through numerous wooden chopping boards. We are keen in the kitchen and love cooking and heavy wooden blocks are our preference but they always seem to go black in areas and split, even if they are not inexpensive.

The tip I've (apparently) been missing is to treat the board with oil before the first use. This increases the wood's natural resistance to moisture meaning it is less likely to split and I guess, go black with gross stuff. (YUKYUKYUK)

So, here's how:
  • Using a lint free cloth or super absorbent paper towels, rub some food safe oil into the board (for example olive, vegetable or sunflower oil. 
  • Wipe off the excess oil and leave the board for 24hours. 
  • Repeat the process leaving the board for another 24 hours. 
When cleaning your board, use a cloth or dish brush but remember to dry it afterwards with a tea towel or the like. Avoid leaving it in contact with water for long periods of time including being left to 'air dry.' Your board can be reconditioned by sanding with sandpaper/sanding block and re-oiling. I have not yet done this but I anticipate that our new board will last us for years to come. Hopefully…

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