Wednesday 25 February 2015

Homemade Individual Jelly Pots with Heinz Baby Pots

How many of you Mummies out there re-use the Heinz fruit/custard medley pots? We are a big fan. Rather than throw out (or recycle) the pots, we wash them out and use them for SO many things; they hold just the right amount of homemade pasta sauce for the boys, a handful of raisins for a day out, hummus for the lunch box and most recently, individual portions of my infamous chocolate cheesecake! More about that in another post. I also use them for paperclips and other stationery items, crafty bits and more; but I don't get them mixed up with the food ones!

I have recently used these pots to solve a (not very big) problem so I thought I would share. Have you ever found that more convenient individual jelly pots are very expensive compared with one pack of jelly to make up? Do you see where I am going with this?

Make up your jelly as per pack instructions. If it does not include a stage of adding cold water, wait for the mix to cool before you add it to the pots. Get your Mini Makers involved and help them to carefully spoon the COOL mixture into pots. Set in the fridge and then pop on the lids! Instant desserts, treats or lunch box additions for the week for a fraction of the price of the ready made individual pots. You could also add fruit if you're keen and you could go as far as leaving enough room for custard and cream for little trifle pots.

What else have you used these useful little pots for? Tweet me or post pics on the Facebook page.

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