Thursday 5 February 2015

Mrs Crafty B in Pursuit of Craftiness with ICHF Events

In 2012, I attended Cake International and it offered no shortage of inspiration. In my search for the perfect venue for a crafty catch up with the group of ladies I 'left' in Cambridge, I discovered that ICHF Events have three events running over one weekend at the NEC Birmingham this March. I thought this would be the perfect place for a reunion and to gather a bit of inspiration in my mission to re-discover my crafty side this year! I'm not short of excuses to craft as I am Making Home and I cannot
wait to get totally carried away at the event and indeed, tell you all about it!

So first question. Who else is going?! At Cake International, I missed quite a bit and I was there for one day, so this time around I decided that I would make a weekend of it! There are three shows after all. How on earth would I fit it all in to one day. I want to take part in some workshops and watch a few demos and of course talk crafts with the ladies.

Here are the three shows that are running from 19th - 22nd March at the NEC Birmingham.
This show will be my first overnight stay away from the Little B's AND Hubby B altogether since 2011 so I want to make the most of some me time. Firstly I decided that instead of driving, getting stressed in traffic, thinking about directions and parking etc, I would travel by train! I haven't travelled long distance by train in a LONG long time. I contacted CrossCountry Trains to find the best trains and costs etc (turns out booking in advance and picking a certain train makes it a lot less) and I now have my tickets ready to go. If you are heading to the event, there is still time to get your cheap advance tickets so take a look because the station for the NEC Birmingham is on the doorstep! Now I just need to pop a coffee fund in my purse, load up my iPod and make sure I've got something good to read! 

I'm quite nervous about staying away on my own as I have never done it so I decided that I would contact the nearest Premier Inn. As a family, when we travel, we always use Premier Inn and have always received good customer service and a decent away from home stay. There is one that is a 15 minute walk from the NEC! Brill. So I am all booked up there and ready for a dead crafty weekend. They still have availability so take a look if you are planning on attending the event. My instinct tells me that one day just won't be enough! 

If you CAN only make one day, pop back and see me because I intend on dishing out all the gossip from the event along with interviews, reviews and goings on! 

I can't wait!

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  1. Thanks for deciding to follow me on Twitter. I came over to see your delightful blog. I see that you're going to the NEC. Craft Fairy will have a stand there so, lots of lovely craft goodies for you.

    1. I can't wait Yvonne! I'll be sure to come and say hi. Thanks for popping by the blog. You can join me on Facebook to if you like.