Thursday 29 January 2015

Vintage Country Companions Money Tin

Rumour has it that if something is 20 years plus, it can be considered vintage. I'd like to think that I own nothing of this age, especially after a mass clear out of toys at my mums house a few years ago and most things that I own or have hoarded, being done so in the last ten years since I left home for university. 

One morning recently, I was reflecting on an item that has always seemed to be on my shelf or my desk, being used as a pedestal for something or other. I wondered whether anyone else in my family would recall the same memory of this item as me.

This Country Companions money tin was purchased for me as a Christmas gift by my Aunty. I recall that it came with a pair of bed socks. It was so long ago and I don't remember my exact age but I think it was before my Grandad passed away which makes it possibly almost 20 years old…and we all know what that means (see first sentence)!

So it turns out I own a genuinely vintage item! I'd like to think that we haven't hoarded too much tat in our house but finding the odd item like this excudes charm and clearly memories and in my opinion, they are the things worth hoarding. Just maybe not in mass.

What the oldest thing you own? Are you a hoarder? Maybe you're a secret hoarder?! Do you have an item that holds memories; special or just vivid? I'd love to see you sharing them on Facebook with the Crafty B's or via Twitter #confessionsofahoarder

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